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So the first thing that I have to say about the Xtreme Shock Pre Workout drink is that it tastes amazing! I got the raspberry lemonade flavor and it actually tastes like the old school Ice Blue flavor of Kool Aid, which was my favorite flavor as a kid (do they still make that flavor?). But that’s not the only reason I love ANSI Xtreme Shock. It actually works! This stuff is as legit. Especially when talking about pre workout drinks. I’ve had so many that gave me nothing. I might as well have been drinking Kool Aid! This stuff is the real deal. It powers me through any type of workout I’m doing, whether it’s a heavy lift, long cardio, or a couple hours of racquetball. I’ve even taken Xtreme Shock with me to tournaments and I credit it for powering me through a long day.


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ANSI Xtreme Shock Pre Workout Ingredients

So Xtreme Shock’s label says that you will “Feel The Rush in 15 Minutes…Guaranteed!” That’s a pretty bold statement, but it is one that I can stand behind 110%. I have tried a ton of pre workouts for a few reasons. I love that extra boost or gear that I feel i get with some of the good ones. Plus, I really wanted to give you my honest opinion when I made my top pre workout reviews. I have actually had a few of them that I have tried a couple times and thrown away because they were useless. I can honestly say that I keep coming back to my Xtreme Shock time and time again, and even gotten more since my first order. Especially when I know I am going to be really getting after it that day during my workout.

So what is it that makes ANSI Xtreme Shock Pre Workout work when all the others fall short? Well let’s take a look at the unique ingredients that put Xtreme Shock at the very top of my list:


Buy Xtreme Shock Here and Get FREE Shipping On Orders Over $50

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that’s known to slow the effect of muscle fatigue and skyrocket cardiovascular endurance and strength. Beta-alanine enhances the level of L-carnosine in muscle. Carnosine aids muscles in soaking up extra unwanted hydrogen ions that are released during vigorous workouts, which make muscles increasingly acidic and kick in muscular fatigue and a sharp decline in strength. Consuming a beta-alanine muscle barrier substance prior to workouts can make your workouts more intense with lower fatigue.

Nitric oxide has come to be the new top-secret advantage for many athletes and body builders. They are now consuming a supplement with L-arginine and L-citrulline to help blood flow and more oxygen reach skeletal muscle. They also take them to enable the extraction of workout-induced lactic acid build up which cuts fatigue as well as the time it takes to recover from exercise. Because arginine levels come to be emptied during workouts, the whole arginine-nitric oxide – citrulline loop can lose its luster, creating lower nitric oxide levels and skyrocketed lactate levels. Xtreme Shock can aid in restoring this loop enabling better exercise sessions and super fast recovery time.

Buy Xtreme Shock Here and Get FREE Shipping On Orders Over $50


The other thing I love about Xtreme Shock is the fact that there are no sugars and no dyes. There are other pre-workout drinks that I have had that taste amazing, but it actually tastes like it’s loaded with more sugar than anything else. It also changes color immediately upon mixing it with water, which is not a huge deal, but I do like that natural feel to Xtreme Shock when you mix it and it doesn’t magically transform into a more attractive color. The powder is white, the drink stays white.

ansi xtreme shock pre workout drink review

Look, if you are looking for a solid pre-workout to enhance your exercise routines, you can’t go wrong with Xtreme Shock pre workout. It is my recommendation to all my friends who ask “what are you on?” when we are on the court. I can’t tell you how much I truly believe in this product. The fact that it is sugar-free with no dyes is awesome too. It’s something you know is working due to its actual ingredients and that you’re not just getting a sugar rush and mistaking that for a boost from the actual pre-workout.

Buy Xtreme Shock Here and Get FREE Shipping On Orders Over $50


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