What is Shakeology Cleanse Scam and Does it Work?


The Truth Behind The Shakeology Cleanse

The Shakeology Cleanse was a tool that was created by Beachbody coaches a few years ago as a way to get people to try it and experience some of the unreal benefits. However, Beachbody as a company never officially sponsored the cleanse since Shakeology is meant to be a dietary supplement, not part of a cleanse program. The official stance that Beachbody has on the cleanse is that while it does contain 70 plus healthy ingredients, it really doesn’t have the amount of calories you would need to replace all three meals and should only be taken once a day to help maximize healthy weight loss along with helping you achieve your fitness goals. Even though Beachbody does not officially endorse the Shakeology Cleanse, there are many people who have reported having amazing success with it. So here it is…

 The Science Behind the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse

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The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse Plan

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Again, I can’t stress enough that Shakeology was not meant to be a part of any cleanse program. The main purpose behind it is for it to be a dietary supplement that coincides with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. It is a great way for people to get so many essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes all in one delicious place! However, it is not meant to replace 3 meals per day as it does not provide you with a sufficient amount of calories to safely go through your day. If you are looking for a true cleanse, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is truly the best option for you. It is a 21 day complete program that will leave you feeling like a completely new person!

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