What Are Nootropics? Benefits, Myths, and Downright Lies

I think that nootropics are the most underrated supplement anyone can take if they are trying to make improvements on themselves. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Limitless” then you have an idea what a nootropic is. Nootropics, which are often referred to as “smart drugs,” are basically supplements, drugs, or other substances that boost cognitive function, specifically memory, focus, and motivation. They are starting to become extremely popular and quite controversial. The use of these cognitive enhancers by healthy individuals is one of the more debatable topics amongst professionals in the field of cognitive function. The fact that one of the biggest debates amongst psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and physicians is whether or not it is ethical and fair to use nootropics just further enhances the popularity of nootropics and solidifies their ability to improve cognitive function in my book.


Not fair?


I’ll tell you what’s not fair! Waking up and trying to concentrate on a computer screen while getting constant notifications from various social media outlets, or emails about the next greatest thing to hit my industry since sliced bread, or Bleacher Report updating me on the rumored trades my favorite team is about to make. The constant barrage of distractions coming from everywhere all day long gets me every time! So that’s what I think is not fair! We are bombarded with information coming at us from all angles constantly every second of every day. If I can take something that allows me to concentrate on one thing without looking at the latest Snapchat from Tom and Jerry then I think that not only is it fair… It’s freaking crucial!

So you can see from my perspective how invaluable nootropics are. The fact is that the sudden boom in popularity of nootropics has made it the next “in” supplement, which also means that its prevalence and availability is not necessarily always a good thing. There are plenty of supplements that market themselves as nootropics but really provide no more value than a glorified multivitamin. So if you decide to give nootropics a try, and I highly suggest you do, make sure you choose one that has been proven to enhance brain function. Don’t fall for the flashy website and Dr. Oooz on TV that promotes anything and everything under the sun. As with many supplements today, there are scumbags that will try to scam you with their so-called nootropics.


The fact is that most nootropics are derived from specific combinations of natural ingredients. So what does that mean? For example, Alpha Brain from Onnit (one of my favorites) is all-natural with ingredients such as Bacopa Monniera, cat’s claw, Huperzia serrata, and oat straw. Now to most people that is a bunch of gibberish. It could mean anything, right? I mean…cat’s claw? What the hell is that? Well it’s actually a plant found in the Amazon rainforest and has been long known by the indigenous people to have a ton of antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. That sounds spectacular (and it is!) but you would never know anything about it unless you do the research. Each nootropic is different. Made up of different ingredients. The key is to research the ingredients and see if they really do have any benefit to them and can aid in cognitive function. Basically you don’t want to be fooled with trickery and long words amounting to nothing more than the blades of grass you can find in your backyard.

So with that being said here is a list of a few good nootropics that I have tried or have reviewed the ingredients:

Alpha Brain – Alpha Brain from Onnit is what got me into nootropics in the first place. One of my favorite sports is MMA and I knew that Onnit sponsored a lot of my favorite fighters. I also knew that the commentator, Joe Rogan, who is coincidentally one of my favorite comedians (seriously, the dude from Fear Factor is a hilarious stand-up comic) promoted Alpha Brain and swore by it. After hearing him talk extensively about how it helps him during one of his podcast episodes, I decided to give it a try. The cool thing about Onnit is that if you decide you don’t like it, you can send it back and get your money back, so I really had nothing to lose and literally everything to gain if this stuff did what it said it would. Read my complete Alpha Brain Instant Review to see how it affected me as well as what separates it from the rest of the options.

Alpha Levo IQ – One of the things I liked about Alpha Levo is it’s ability to boost energy along with cognitive function that most other nootropics offer. The other benefits are that it is certified caffeine-free, so you aren’t getting the boost from caffeine. It is actually from the natural ingredients. It is manufactured in the USA at and FDA-approved facility (which is always a good thing!). And maybe the thing I liked most was that each batch is randomly tested for quality, purity, and potency. So they’re not cutting corners here. Check out the Alpha Levo Review to read about the ingredients and what makes it different.

Cogniflex – There are six main ingredients to Cogniflex that make it a powerful blend that enhances not only cognitive function, but also energy and mood as well. One of the things that sketched me out about Cogniflex originally was that their website says it “may increase energy,” “may increase focus,” and “may boost brain-power”. I wasn’t a fan of the word “may” being in there so much. But after thoroughly researching the ingredients themselves I found that their have been studies done that do show significant positive effects. Check out my Cogniflex review here and see what those six powerful ingredients are!

Geniux – This one is marketed brilliantly. Now I have a pretty good eye when it comes to websites so I know a good one when I see it. The sites behind Geniux are brilliant. But that’s not why you’re reading this. This specific nootropic has a warning attached at the top of the website that reads “WARNING: Geniux was specifically created for anyone looking to drastically increase their focus – you will experience and extreme boost in energy and memory recall as well as the ability to focus like never before – use as directed if you think you have handle these effects *” This is a brilliant marketing strategy, but not the reason that this made the list. I had to dig deep to try to find the ingredient list for Geniux, but once I did, I had to admit that I was pretty impressed. Maybe it wasn’t just a flashy marketing scheme afterall! Read my Geniux review here.

InteliGEN – InteliGEN is another nootropic that is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is also gluten free and non-GMO. Now that last part makes no difference to me, but some people care about that type of thing so I thought I’d share! There are four main ingredients in InteliGEN that give it the brain-boosting power that they claim to have. Another fun fact (one that I actually do enjoy) is that it is produced in a facility they claim to be “state-of-the-art” and in the USA. I do enjoy my nootropics being made in the good old USA! For more on this nootropic and its benefits read my InteliGEN review here.