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Discussing High Intensity Interval Training

Weight Loss Advice

For today’s weight loss advice, I wanted to talk about HIIT.  If you have researched different kinds workouts lately, you have seen the term HIIT.  High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training, is an enhanced form of  interval training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning.

In On Fitness magazine, they ask the question, “Complaining about fat? Well, do you do cardio? You can bet on it: That person with the ripped body does cardio at least twice a week, and usually iun the form of high intensity interval training.  Long duration, slow cardio does not pack a power punch against fat.  Go for shorter sessions that mix short bursts of fast speed with several minutes of slow to moderate speed.  Make those short bursts as fast as possible to strike down fat.”

“Sure, you could spend hours doing cardio in the gym-but you’re better off doing short bursts of intense, fat-burning work.  It’s called interval training, and it’s the fastest way to jumpstart your metabolism and save time.  And you’re not losing muscle-which could happen during long bouts of cardio,” says Robert dos Remedios, C.S.C.S., the author of Cardio Strength TraiWeight Loss Advicening.


Programs such as Insanity and TurboFire are based on HIIT.  They are intense programs and I really think are great by themselves, but when combines with a program such as P90X and made into a hybrid workout program, there is nothing better! For more info on these programs or to order yours today, go to http://craigtuttlefitness.com/beachbody-fitness-programs/.


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