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Recent Research Provides Proof That There is No Magic Pill

Research from Oregon State University has confirmed what many have suspected all along – weight loss supplements are more sham than successful.  Not only are these supplements unsuccessful, some are even harmful to the body.

The study, featured in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, didn’t paint a pretty picture for one-shot-wonder diets and pills.

The bottom line conclusion from the research is that there is still nothing that surpasses a healthy diet and consistent exercise for transforming the human physique.  “Fix it fast” diet supplements often blow up in the user’s face, causing everything from bloating problems to more serious issues such as heart problems or strokes.

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So if you are looking for your magic pill or something that will suddenly transform your body…be careful! The only proven method for safe transformation is a lifestyle change that includes consistent exercise coupled with a balanced, healthy diet.  That is why Beachbody has nutrition plans with every program, healthy meal planners with the club memberships, and Shakeology (the healthiest meal of the day, which is all natural).  We all know that Beachbody has the best fitness programs available today, but what really separates us from the pack is that we know that there is more to it than just exercise.

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This post contained an excerpt of an article from On Fitness Magazine.

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