Unique Kettlebells

Onnit Gorilla Kettlebell

There is just something about having some unique kettlebells as a part of your home gym that makes it just a touch more fun to work out. One of my favorite things about working out with kettlebells is that you don’t have to get the same thing that everyone else has. There are some damn cool bells out there that allow you to still bust your ass during a workout…but do so while displaying a little bit of your personality. Let’s face it, working out with the same old boring equipment can get pretty dull. There’s nothing like doing your intense workout routine with a massive monkey kettlebell or a giant zombie kettlebell to get your heart pumping! It’s just a touch more badass…and who doesn’t want that?

Onnit Gorilla Kettlebell

Now while there are certainly some unique kettlebells out there to choose from, you do want to be sure of a few things. While you may think that you need the werewolf kettlebell in your gym because it looks freaking awesome, you may not be ready for that much weight on a bell. So while a lot of these bells out there are amazing to look at, you still want to stay within your weight limit and be safe. Take my situation for example. I wanted a few of the bells that look freaking badass. I really wanted the Bigfoot and the Gorilla from Onnit to go with me Howler and Chimp bells that I already had. But I am not to the level yet where I can workout with a 72 pound or 90 pound kettlebell. It’s just not in the cards for me…yet. So I went with the Harpy Legend Bell. Now, to be honest, I had no clue what a Harpy even was. I had to do some research. It ends up that in Greek mythology, Harpies were half human, half bird beasts that were the spirits of the winds. Legend has it that they flew down and snatched people away, never to be heard of again. Anyway, I had to go with the Harpy kettlebell because it was only 27 pounds, which at my level at the time, was something I could handle a lot easier than 72 pounds. Now that I’m getting a little more beastly…I may just pull the trigger on the Gorilla Kettlebell at least.

Onnit Harpy Kettlebell

The other thing to consider before you buy some of these badass kettlebells is the manufacturer. You want to make sure that these are legit weights. You can’t be adding something to your routine that might be unsafe just because it looks cool. One of the most important aspects of a kettlebell is that it has to be balanced. I know that Onnit goes to great lengths to make sure all of their unique kettlebell styles are perfectly balanced and not only look amazing, but they perform that way too. So do your research before you make the purchase. Make sure they guarantee that their weights are perfectly balanced. And read online reviews. I have nothing but great things to say about my kettlebells from Onnit. Yes, I bought them because they looked badass, but they also perform great, are perfectly balanced, and are just more fun to workout with.


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