Total Primate Care Which Pill is Which – Day Pack

total primate care which pill is which - breakdown

So one of the questions that I see asked a lot is in Total Primate Care which pill is which? There is a graphic on the side of the box but it doesn’t really show the pills themselves. Just which pills are in which packs. But there’s no image of the pills themselves. A lot of the pills are pretty easy to tell apart, like Spirulina and Chlorella. Those ones are pretty self-explanatory. But the ones that are in capsules are a little tougher. They actually used to have colored capsules which made it easier to decipher, but now a few of them look so similar that it is hard to discern which pill is which.

I thought this was kind of a bummer since a lot of people want to know exactly what they are taking. It’s kind of like putting a name to a face. So here is a breakdown of Total Primate Care which pill is which in the day packs. I’ll tell you which pill is which and then I will briefly describe them and maybe go into my experience with them. If you’d like to read more about my Total Primate Care experience you can always check out my review.

total primate care which pill is which - alpha brain

So this one is Alpha Brain. This is one that used to be a different color. They used to be green and yellow capsules. But now, with the clear capsule, they look very similar to Shroom TECH Sport, which is in the TPC daytime packs as well. I have covered a lot of what Alpha Brain does and the benefits of it in my review, but I’ll go over it briefly here as well. Alpha Brain is a nootropic that is designed to increase cognitive function. No, that doesn’t mean that it makes you smarter, per se. My experience with it has been phenomenal. The biggest difference I have noticed with Alpha Brain is my level of concentration. I am able to focus so much more when I am taking Alpha Brain than when I’m not. I know that if I have a lot of work, any kind of athletic competition, or anything I know I need to focus on, I have to take my Alpha Brain to ensure I am at my best.

total primate care which pill is which - shroom tech sport

This one is Shroom TECH Sport. You can see how it looks very similar to Alpha Brain. So similar that it is often hard to tell them apart. Before I was introduced to Total Primate Care I used to take both Alpha Brain and Shroom TECH Sport pretty regularly. Sometimes I would confuse the two, which wasn’t always a good thing. Shroom TECH Sport is pretty much an all-natural energy supplement. It gives you a vitamin B12 kick in the ass, but also provides energy through its proprietary Shroom Tech O2 Blend (organic mushroom cordyceps) and Shroom Tech Adaptogen Blend (green tea leaf, Rhodiola root, Ashwaganda root, and Astragalus root). I have a noticeable difference in my performance when I take Shroom TECH Sport and when I don’t. It is one of my favorite pre-workout supplements.

total primate care which pill is which - shroom tech immune

This one is Shroom TECH Immune. You can see it is a little similar to the previous two pills, but it has a little more color to it. These pills come in both the daytime and the nighttime packs of Total Primate Care and are meant to aid the body in keeping an actively strong immune system. The ingredients in Shroom TECH Immune are all food-based, which means it is also all-natural. Chaga mushroom, Turmeric, ginger root, oregano leaf, astragalus root, and lemon peel are all part of Immune which make it such a powerful addition to TPC packs.

total primate care which pill is which - stron bone

This one is Stron BONE. The main ingredient in this is Strontium, which has had some remarkable results in recent studies. The New England Journal of MEdicine recently posted a study where a 680mg dose of strontium ranelate decreased the risk of bone fractures by 41%. This is one that I wish I was taking before I broke my leg on the racquetball court a few years ago!

total primate care which pill is which - krill oil

This one is Krill Oil. This is another one that is in both packs of TPC. We have all heard of the benefits of taking fish oil supplements. This is like taking fish oil, but even better. Krill oil has essential fatty acids such as EPA and DHA the our bodies are not able to produce on their own. In addition, Krill Oil contains phospholipids and the


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