Total Primate Care Vs Animal Pak

Total Primate Care Supplement Facts - Day Pack and Night Pack
Total Primate Care Supplement Facts - Day Pack and Night Pack

I was asked to do a comparison of Total Primate Care vs Animal Pak from Universal Nutrition. Now we all know how I feel about Total Primate Care and its effects. If not, check out my TPC review. But I wasn’t as familiar with Animal Pak, so I actually had to do some research. This proved to be a lot harder than it should have been because I could not find the information I wanted to find on the website itself. Even when I looked at other vendors that sell Animal Pak I had a hard time finding what in the hell was even in this pack. So it was kind of hard to compare the two.

What Are Your Goals?

The biggest difference I was able to find in Total Primate Care vs Animal Pak is the overall goal of the supplement. From everything I read, it seemed like Animal Pak is geared towards the bodybuilders and powerlifters. We know that Total Primate Care is excellent for bodybuilding, but that’s not the main focus. The main goal for TPC is to optimize your body. Not just be the supplement that you want to double up on when you’re getting ready for a competition, which is what I read on the site for Animal Pak.  

The Ingredients

One of the things that I found interesting was the list of the supplement facts. Onnit’s TPC is broken down into each element in the pack. In other words, you get to see exactly what you’re getting from Alpha Brain, exactly what you’re getting from Stron Bone, exactly what you’re getting from Shroom TECH Sport, and all of the other elements that make up each Total Primate Care pack. With Animal Pak, I have no idea what is in there. I don’t know what the pills are and what the difference is at all. I just know what the supplement facts say.

animal stak nutritional information
Animal Pack Supplement Facts
Total Primate Care Supplement Facts - Day Pack and Night Pack
Total Primate Care Supplement Facts – Day Pack and Night Pack

I also found it very interesting that a lot of the ingredients for Total Primate Care are all natural, which of course, Onnit is known for. I didn’t see one mention of anything being all natural with the Animal Pak. Take a look and compare the supplement facts side by side. You’ll also notice that with TPC, you are getting two separate packs. You take two a day for different effects.

Look, I’m sure Animal Pak is a fine supplement pack for the right audience. That audience clearly being bodybuilders and powerlifters, as their site says. But if you are looking for an all-around total body optimizing vitamin pack, Total Primate Care is the one for you. It gives you everything you need to have your body functioning at its highest level. And it’s not only for the bodybuilders and powerlifters of the world looking to gain an edge. This is taken and endorsed by everyone from comedians to professional mixed martial artists to professional downhill skiers. For my money, there is only one clear winner when it comes to Total Primate Care vs Animal Pak.


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