Total Primate Care Side Effects

total primate care side effects

When I first heard that there were some possible Total Primate Care side effects I was all set. I wanted no part of it. IT’s one of those things that when you hear those words, you cringe and immediately think of the TV commercial that tells you about this drug that will clear your allergies but may cause diarrhea, temporary insanity, mild blindness, ulcerative colitis, and possible sudden death…but it works wonders on your seasonal sniffles! At least that’s what I think of when I hear “side effects”…or is it just me? The thing with Onnit Total PRimate Care is that it is natural. You’re not getting anything that isn’t Earth grown. So it’s kind of hard to have really bad side effects from something that is naturally grown and not pumped with a bunch of fillers and dyes and additives to make it something that nature never intended it to be. Now I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my word for gospel here, but unless you’re allergic or sensitive to something in the Onnit TPC packs, I don’t really see you having much of a problem. Anyway, with that being said,  let’s take a look at the possible Total Primate Care side effects.

One of the Total Primate Care side effects that I had heard about and honestly had me worried was headaches. I have a long and pretty painful history of migraines and I wanted no part in something that might add an additional headache to my life. Personally, I think it must be the Alpha Brain that gives some people headaches. All those neurotransmitters firing sounds like it’s a headache waiting to happen. Being so susceptible to headaches myself, this is the one that made me check out at first. I can pretty much deal with anything…but when I get a doozy of a headache, sayonara. I’m done for the day. Lock me in a dark room and leave me alone. Luckily, (knock on wood) I have never experienced headaches due to Total Primate Care. I have taken Alpha Brain for a while and not had a problem with it, so I doubt the single pill in the Total Primate Care packs is going to harm me. But that’s me. Some people, it may. So the first of the possible Total Primate Care side effects to be aware of is headaches.

total primate care side effects

The next of the Total Primate Care side effects is dizziness. This one kind of coincides with the headaches that we already covered. I have never once experienced dizziness while taking Total Primate Care. The only thing I can think of that has made me dizzy while taking it are some pre-workout supplements. So in my head, when I hear someone claim dizziness with TPC, I think of Shroom TECH Sport, the component in the Onnit TPC day pack that gives energy. Now, this is another one that I have taken apart from the Total Primate Care packs and never really had a problem. I did take this the first time before a racquetball tournament and then took a pre-workout. That was not a good idea. It wasn’t really a dizzy sensation. It was more of a heart racing and feeling like my body was going a mile a minute. But that’s because I was an idiot and doubled up on things that I shouldn’t have done. So unless you’re doing that, I don’t see you having a problem here either.

The only other Total Primate Care side effects that I’ve heard of is stomach discomfort and nausea. Now let’s be honest, there is any number of things that can cause these symptoms, so I find it hard to pin it on Total Primate Care as being the source unless it is something that is consistent. But like I said, if there are any side effects that you are experiencing on a consistent basis, you may want to check to see if you have an allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients. Other than that, you shouldn’t really need to worry too much about the possible Total Primate Care side effects.

Stay tuned for our next post where we dive into the Total Primate Care ingredients.


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