Total Primate Care Ingredients

Total Primate Care ingredients

So a lot of people have asked about the Total Primate Care ingredients and what exactly is in these power packs of goodness that makes them one of the best supplements anyone can take. While I have broken down the Onnit Total Primate Care pretty extensively, I wanted to dive deeper into the ingredients in the individual components of the packs that make them so effective. So let’s take a look!

Alpha Brain Ingredients

As we know, Alpha Brain is probably my favorite component of the Onnit Total Primate Care Day Pack. Not only has it been clinically proven to show improvements in processing speed, verbal memory, and peak alpha state (in two different clinical trials), it is the one nootropic that I stand behind 1000% and can’t say enough positive things about it. But what is in it that makes it so good? Take a look at this image that shows the ingredients:

total primate care ingredients - alpha brain


Shroom TECH Sport Ingredients

The next component in the Total Primate Care Day Pack that I really love is Shroom TECH Sport. This is a great supplement to provide energy without the caffeine crash that you typically get with most energy supplements or drinks (I think we’ve discussed those extensively). Shroom TECH Sport helps to improve oxygen utilization and provides more energy on a cellular level instead of giving you a caffeine jolt that makes you want to pass out a few hours later. Take a look at the ingredients from this image taken from Onnit’s website:

Total Primate Care Ingredients - Shroom TECH Sport


New Mood Ingredients

My favorite component in the Total Primate Care Night Pack is New Mood. This is the one supplement that I had to try to believe worked. It was something that I actually took standalone as well, before I started taking the TPC Packs. As we’ve discussed in the past, the thing that makes New Mood so good is that it encourages the natural production of serotonin in the body, which is the best way to increase serotonin levels, as it cannot pass the blood-brain barrier if it’s taken as a supplement. Take a look at the ingredients for New Mood with these shots taken from Onnit’s website:

Total Primate Care Ingredients - New Mood

Total Primate Care Ingredients - New Mood 2


ViruTech Ingredients

The next supplement that is in Total Primate Care Nighttime Packs is ViruTech. As I’ve said previously, this is something that I didn’t pay much attention to until about the third time I didn’t get sick when my kids were having colds. ViruTech is a compound-based supplement that supports healthy immune function. When you take it with Shroom Tech Immune, which is a food-based formula, the two work together to give your body everything it needs to fight off the daily barrage of unhealthy that gets thrown around our environment. Take a look at the ingredients in ViruTech:

Total Primate Care Ingredients - ViruTech


Shroom TECH Immune Ingredients

Shroom TECH Immune is in both the daytime and nighttime Total Primate Care packs. It is all food based and provides the immune system a powerful boost to help it fight off the daily icky-ness that our environments provide. This is another one that I had to look up after I realized I wasn’t getting sick when I normally would. I knew something was going on and had to see exactly what it was that was making me fight off the sickness that was engulfing our household. Take a look at this screenshot and explanation of the Shroom TECH Immune ingredients:

Total Primate Care Ingredients - Shroom TECH Immune

While there are other Total Primate Care ingredients in each pack, these are the five that I wanted to talk about because, well, to be honest, they are the ones that I’ve either taken individually aside from the TPC, or ones that I’ve researched to get more info on.


Stay tuned for my next post where we discuss Total Primate Care Alternative options.



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