Total Primate Care Alternative

total primate care alternative

I have actually had people contact me on social media and as if there is such a thing as a Total Primate Care Alternative. To be honest, it never occurred to me to look it up. I didn’t know why I would ever need one unless the price was an issue. But for the total value that you get with TPC, I think it’s a friggin’ steal at the price it’s at already. But I understand that some people don’t value elite nutrition as much I might, so I decided to do a little research for you guys. So come join the fun as I look for a Total Primate Care alternative.

So the first thing you need to do if you’re looking for a Total Primate Care alternative is break down the ingredients and look for a couple of things. The first thing to look for is whether another supplement pack has these same ingredients that, I think we can all agree, take your body and mind to a whole new level. If so, what is their price? The next thing to look at are the actual ingredients themselves. Is there a way we can get them naturally or purchase them and consume them on our own? I’m not sure I would trust this method since I didn’t do so well in chemistry and biology growing up. I’m not sure I would want to try to take the right amount of all of the Earth-grown ingredients to get the effect that comes with TPC. But just for shits and giggles, let’s see what that would look like.

total primate care alternative

total primate care box

So the answer to both questions is a resounding “No!” There is no other supplement pack that gives you everything that you get from Onnit TPC. Now you might be able to buy supplements individually and take them every day. But we’re trying to see if we can cut costs. I guarantee that you will be so far beyond the price of TPC if you went at it that route that you’d have to take out a second mortgage. Just think about it. Even if you weren’t trying to get the same exact ingredients, but you wanted supplements that supposedly gave you the same results, you’d have to have a powerful nootropic that has passed multiple clinical trials. You’d need an energy supplement that offers extremely valuable adaptogens, Vitamin B12, and something that produces ATP. Then you’d need a supplement to help strengthen your bones and joints. Oh, and you’d also need a supplement to provide your immune system with a natural kick in the pants from mushrooms, herbs, and turmeric extract (which runs at least $12 on its own). And to top it off you’d have to find a super dense green food nutrient and take two of those. By the way…this is just for the daytime pack of TPC. This doesn’t even take into account finding a substitute for New Mood, ViruTech and Key Minerals that you only get in the nighttime packs of TPC. So you can see that going this route is not going to save you anything, for sure.

So you can see that when it comes to a Total Primate Care alternative, there really isn’t one. And there definitely isn’t one that is going to save you some scratch. It’s less than your morning cup of coffee and you are putting more nutrition into your body than it has ever seen before. I don’t think you can argue about the value of Total Primate Care. Especially when you try to look at the TPC alternative.


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