Tips To Help You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

This is an image of the Rock's epic Cheat Day meals

Between the holiday parties, people bringing treats to work, and your own baking, you will have many chances to pack on the pounds this season. Here are four tips for keeping off the weight during the holidays.

Do: Stay hydrated

Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep from gaining weight. I also like to drink a product called Phenoh. This is way better than sports drinks and provides you with things your body actually needs! Check it out here: Phenoh – more effective hydration beverages.

But if you drink water on a regular basis, you won’t be as hungry and you’ll eat less overall. Fewer calories equal less weight gain. If you’re tempted to eat seconds and thirds because holiday foods are so delicious, drink a glass or two of water before each meal and before you head back for more food. Proper hydration also aids in digestion. Be careful that you don’t replace your water with too many other drinks that are calorie laden. Even though it’s the holidays, you don’t want to overdo it on the alcohol or specialty coffees. Treat yourself now and then, but not every day. These are empty calories that will contribute to weight gain.

Don’t: Forget portion control

This is an image of the Rock's epic Cheat Day meals

It’s easy to throw food rules out the window during the holiday season. You want to enjoy all foods and not worry about controlling yourself. If you don’t practice portion control, you’re dooming yourself to weight gain. Before you fill your plate, survey the food and decide what you really want to enjoy. If you love mashed potatoes, remind yourself you can have them any time of year, and opt for something you don’t usually get to enjoy. If there are a few things you want to try, take a small portion of each. You can also use a smaller plate to avoid overeating. If that’s not possible, be mindful of not filling every inch of your plate. Something that has helped me with my portion control is Onnit total primate care.

This is an image of a garbage plate which is a complete lack of portion control

Do: Keep up with your workout routine

It’s important that you don’t stop working out during the holiday season, especially if you don’t want to gain weight. Working out will keep your metabolism revved up, which will help you burn calories all day long. Keep up with your workout schedule as much as possible. If you can’t hit the gym on your regular day, do a ten-minute at-home workout. You can still lift weights at home, especially if you have a good set of dumbells on hand. If your days are too busy, wake up thirty minutes earlier to get a workout in, but don’t give up working out. You’ll be glad stuck to your routine once the new year hits and you’re not worried about losing weight. You’ll be able to focus on other goals.

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Don’t: Stress out

Stress can contribute to weight gain, so you want to control it as much as possible. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which will cause you to want to eat more. The holidays can be stressful, so getting organized is important. Don’t wait until the last minute to take care of things. This is also the perfect time of year to start meditating. Meditation can reduce stress, help you sleep better, and focus more. Sleep is also important for keeping the extra pounds off.

Keeping the weight off during the holidays is possible if you have a plan. You can still enjoy what the season has to offer if you learn to do it in moderation.


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