Team Beachbody Scam


Team Beachbody Scam

The Team Beachbody Scam


Team Beachbody ScamPerhaps you’ve heard of the Team Beachbody scam before?  Maybe someone has approached you and told you about this “unbelievable company” that you have to join.  A company in which you can make a lot money and finally be able to live the life that you had always dreamed of without having to worry about the 9-5, “rat race”, paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.  Maybe you’ve noticed the numerous adds on-line or been approached on social media for a fantastic new way that you can have your own home based business and finally be able to fire your boss. Perhaps in the grocery shop or out running errands you saw somebody in a P90X t-shirt and they told you about how excellent the business is and how it is ending the trend of obesity in this country one person at a time, all while helping them live the life of their dreams and you can easily do the same thing. And that you can do all of this simply by helping other people reach their fitness goals! I have to admit…when I heard about the Team Beachbody scam, I just shook my head and turned my nose up at it. I knew it had to be a scam.  There’s no way that something like this could really exist.  It sounds way too good to be true.  But then I decided to investigate things a little bit.

What Constitutes a Scam?

Permit me to shed some light on this Team Beachbody scam a little bit. You probably have already noticed that there are a TON of network marketing businesses available. And for the most part…the majority of them fail. But why is that? Well…first of all, the products are horrible, or you’re advertising products that people truly don’t have a need for. If there is no demand for the products, then there’s not really something to market now is there? Secondly is the compensation structure. A lot of businesses don’t pay nicely until you reach the highest level and then you can begin creating a ton of money (this is that point where you can live the life of your dreams and all that hoopla comes into play). Or, the greater the amount that you initially invest to be a part of the business, the more money you have the ability to make. Another reason that the majority of network advertising businesses fail is the simple fact that they lack strong leadership. There is no solid business backing them up. They are forced to do all of the advertising themselves.  In other words, they need to “sell” the goods rather than having people already thinking about the goods themselves and coming to them.

So…Is There Really a Team Beachbody Scam?

Team Beachbody ScamNow let’s see if these factors apply to Team Beachbody and also the Team Beachbody scam. First of all we talked about the goods. I do not even have to say the names of the products and you already know what Team Beachbody represents. The popularity of products such as P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, and Shakeology (just to name a couple) have soared, and actually continue to rise. The reality is that the health and fitness industry is an absolute THRIVING one, even in this economy.  And do you honestly see a time when it wouldn’t? There will always be a need for fitness and nutritional goods. As long as we are constantly surrounded by poor nutritional choices, there will usually be a place for the good ones. So it’s safe to say that our first point does not apply.


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Now let’s dive into the compensation structure and see if that applies towards the Team Beachbody scam. Whenever someone becomes a Team Beachbody coach, they can start earning money immediately, regardless of what you purchase to come into the company. Of course there is going to be some money involved for you  to open up your own home based business, but is there really any kind of business that you can begin with no capital? At least not a really lucrative one. And not one where you can earn your money back in your first 15 minutes of opening! And yes, there are various levels of achievement and some bonuses associated with achieving these levels, but the commissions are exactly the same for everybody across the board, that is amazing. So clearly this point doesn’t apply!


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The final factor we will take a look at will be the leadership and if that is the reason for the Team Beachbody scam. Team Beachbody comes from a parent business, Beachbody. They are the ones behind all of the infomercials which you see on television all day and night (literally J). Beachbody invests $120 million in advertising every year to promote their fitness programs and nutritional products. They had already been established as a successful company before they even began the Team Beachbody aspect, which really separates Team Beachbody from other network advertising companies who start out as a network company from day one. And also the customers that the advertising generates…they all go to qualified Team Beachbody coaches!  That factor alone is one that really amazed me. What other business that you can think of gives their clients away to their distributors? None.

No Team Beachbody Coach Scam

The Team Beachbody Scam – Dubunked!

So by now I think it is safe to say that I have found the truth….there is no such thing as a Team Beachbody scam. The demand for their successful programs continues to increase, the compensation structure is second to none, and also the leadership from the top is absolutely the best in the business, continuously seeking to improve and add new goods which will help their distributors be successful.  The fact that you can test the waters with their 30 day money back guarantee really proved something to me as well.  I figured that I could try it out and see if it worked for the 30 days, and if I didn’t see any success, I could always get my money back. So if you are ready to become a Team Beachbody coach, I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to add a comment below and I will be sure to get in touch with you.  If you’re ready right now…then click the button below and let’s get you started!!!


  1. […] So by now I believe it is safe and sound to say that I have observed the truth….there is no this sort of issue as a Team Beachbody rip-off. The desire for their profitable programs proceeds to increase, the compensation structure is second to none, and also the management from the prime is absolutely the best in the company, repeatedly searching for to strengthen and add new products which will help their distributors be effective. The truth that you can check the waters with their thirty day dollars again promise seriously proved a thing to me as properly. I figured that I could consider it out and see if it worked for the thirty days, and if I did not see any accomplishment, I could generally get my income back. So if you are all set to turn out to be a Team Beachbody coach, I would like to listen to from you. Feel no cost to include a comment beneath and I will be guaranteed to get in contact with you. Beachbody MLM […]

  2. I think ( & that’s usually costly) I found the scam…..Your pulling my leg aren’t you? I have to say it is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. NO SCAM HERE!!!!


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