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How Surrounding Myself With Positive Influences Changed My Life

Exactly on year ago today I got into a car accident that dramatically changed my life.  At the time that it happened…I thought that it was the worst possible thing that could have happened to me.  But by surrounding myself with such positive and motivating people, and being able to draw inspiration from them, I was able to turn a negative into a positive.  I was laid up and ended up having neck surgery.  Now had this happened a few months prior, before I got involved with Beachbody and met these people, I would have sulked…felt sorry for myself…and slipped into a depression and not done anything with my life during that time.  I would have had the “woe is me’ attitude and felt that the world was against me.
UFTI didn’t do that.  As I said…I had some amazing influences and the whole time that I was laid up I dedicated myself to learning how to build my business online.  After I recovered from surgery, I was actually able to choose not to go back to work…which is an amazing feeling.  To be able to actually say that I really am my own boss is something that I just can’t describe.  It is a freedom that I never thought I would be able to enjoy.

So as I sit here…one year later…I look at just how much my life has changed.  And how much I have changed.  It’s kind of surreal to be honest.  This past year should have been the worst for me if you look at it from the outside…but really…it has been the biggest blessing I could have asked for…and I really have to thank the people I have met through Team Beachbody and thank them for all of the inspiration, motivation, leadership, and friendship they have provided me!


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