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If you are looking for REAL results…look no further. Insanity is the toughest workout ever put onto DVD and has generated tens of thousands of success stories. 

Will you be the next one?

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Insanity Workout Review

Does Insanity Work

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The best way to get the Insanity Workout is by fully committing to your fitness goals with a Beachbody Challenge Pack.

The Insanity Challenge Pack is a ridiculous deal for anyone who is serious about the getting in the best shape of their life in the quickest amount of time possible.

You will not only be getting one of the most popular workout programs ever put onto DVD with Insanity, but you will also be taking the most important aspect of your fitness into consideration with the nutrition provided in Shakeology.

My Personal Experience with Insanity

I had already done a few rounds of P90X by the time I decided to give Insanity a try. I figured that P90X had gotten me in the best shape of my life, so Insanity couldn’t be as tough as everyone made it out to be.

Now bear in mind that I had been an athlete all my life, and even though I had let myself go, I was already in very good shape after P90X and Shakeology.

The first time I did Insanity I was blown away. I thought I was in great shape. I was dead wrong. This program completely kicked my behind…and fast! I didn’t even make it through the warm-up without stopping!

I still compete in sports to this day, and any time I feel my cardio slipping just a little bit, my first move is to go back to Insanity and start it all over again. It ALWAYS gets me into the shape I need to compete at high level tournaments. Whenever I have a big competition coming up, I always plan ahead by doing Insanity for at least a month in advance. And it never fails!

If you really need a kick in the pants workout and are serious about it…then Insanity is for you.

However, if you are an “excuses” type of person that is not willing to put yourself through the toughest workout ever devised in order to achieve your fitness goals, then Insanity may not be for you.

It’s your goals.

How bad do you really want it?

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