1. […] So now you’ve seen my top 3 reasons why you should order Shakeology.  I am not saying that these will all happen with you…they may not.  But what if just one of them does?  Would it be worth the 10 minutes it takes to find out?  After all…you have a money-back guarantee, so all you’d be wasting is the 10 minutes to order Shakeology and give it a month to see if you can get similar results. […]

  2. […] You will not lose weight if you drink alcohol. Empty calories, plus lowered inhibitions, is what you’ll get from alcoholic beverages. If you stop drinking alcohol, you’ll replace the empty calories with healthy foods. You’ll discover it easier to shed the weight by following this course of action. To prevent alcohol in your diet, find a way to replace it with some other type of beverage. This might be a nice cup of herbal tea, or some thing else which you appreciate drinking. There had been some debates on our finish about what all to include about Shakeology Home Direct. […]


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