Shakeology Comparison Chart Shows No Better Alternatives


It’s Not Fair To Compare The Nutrition in Shakeology

When it comes to the nutrition provided in every glass of Shakeology, there simply is no comparison. There are many other shakes and nutritional drinks out there, and I’m not saying all of them are bad. But I am saying that not one can provide you with the nutritional value that you get with Shakeology. The ingredient list alone reads like a dream team of health and nutrition and takes Shakeology leaps and bounds ahead of any of the competition.

Here is a perfect illustration of my point. Look at Shakeology in this side-by-side comparison to other health shakes and nutritional drinks and you will see that there really is nothing that comes close to stacking up.


As I said before, the value provided in every glass of Shakeology is unparalleled. If you were to try and match the nutritional value from just one serving with food at your local supermarket, here is what you would have to consume…all at once!


Now that’s a lot of food! I would much rather take the shake than try to choke all that down…Let alone pay for it every single day!!

Another thing that people like to compare Shakeology to is some of the food and beverages that they can easily access in their day-to-day lives. Here is how it compares to some other options that you may have.

Shakeology vs. Coffee Shop

Shakeology vs. Coffee
Shakeology vs. “Fruit Drinks”

Shakeology vs fruit drink
Shakeology vs. The Drive Thru

Shakeology vs Subway


Shakeology vs. Fast Food

As you can see there really is no way to compare any other option to Shakeology. Whether you are looking at other health shakes or nutritional drinks, comparing it to other options that may fit your daily routine, or trying to match the nutrition at the grocery store…there simply is no comparison when it comes to Shakeology.

That’s why it really is the healthiest meal of the day!

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