Rogue Kettlebell Review | Benefits Of Rogue Kettlebells


Rogue kettlebells are some of the best kettlebells on the entire market. Not only do they have the superior durability to the other kettlebells available on the market, but they have an unmatched feel to go along with it. Below, we will talk about some of the things that make Rogue kettlebells unique and why they are so good.

Benefits Of Rogue Kettlebells:

  1. Premium Look and Feel.

One of the main reasons why Rogue kettlebells are so great is because they come with both a premium look and feel. The entire makeup of the kettlebells themselves is premium with the highest quality iron being used.

  1. Comfortable.

Another significant benefit that you get when you make the investment in a Rogue kettlebell is the ability to have extremely comfortable to hold and use kettlebells for your exercises. Because Rogue utilizes a proprietary casting process which allows each bell to reach it’s highest possible quality and have the best finish, they are much more comfortable to use not only has a flat surface for proper storage but also the handle itself.

  1. Single Piece.

Another good thing about the Rogue kettlebell is the fact it is made up of a single piece which means it is much more durable and more reliable than the other products available on the market. Instead of using caps, plugs, or other kinds of patches that other brands utilize in the marketplace, with Rogue, you are getting a complete single casted piece which is much more durable in total.

  1. Flat Base.

As noted above, the base of the kettlebell is completely flat. This means that the kettlebell will be able to sit on the floor easily without having to worry about the wobble that you might have to worry about when you invest in other brand’s kettlebells. Because you don’t have to worry about the kettlebells falling over or wobbling, it can make working out and storing the kettlebells much easier.

  1. Better Finish.

Another good thing about Rogue’s kettlebells is the fact they have a matte coat finish which not only looks great, but it will also help to hold chalk making it easier to get in great workouts.

  1. Colors.

Another good thing about Rogue’s kettlebells is the color-coded nature of them. Rogue color codes the handles which helps you quickly and easily identify a kettlebell based on its weight. This makes it much easier to get in a quick and effective workout with your kettlebells. This is especially true if you have a gym full of kettlebells. You want people to be able to easily distinguish one weight from the other.

Overall, there are plenty of different benefits that you will get with a Rogue kettlebell over the other options available on the marketplace. The kettlebells themselves are superior in almost every way. Not only do they have a much more premium look and feel, but they are much more durable, easier to use, and more comfortable as well.



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