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A little disclaimer before I get into the Quest bars review…while we all know that I am skeptical of a lot of “good for you” foods and supplements taste, I am especially critical of protein bars. I always get my hopes up with the exotic flavors they are labeled with and the promise of a giant helping of protein in a tasty little candy bar. At least that’s how I always used to think of them. Or think they should be! After the millionth protein bar brand that I tried that had the texture of chewed up construction paper, I had just about given up. Although the allure of getting my protein and all the benefits of that in an easy to eat bar was too much to pass up. So with all that being said, here’s the Quest Bars review.

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How Do Quest Bars Taste?

When I made the decision that I was going to do a Quest bar review I couldn’t decide what flavor to choose from. I am partial to sweets, but as we know, I have been duped so many times into thinking I was getting chocolate flavored when I just end up with gelatinous dog food to gnaw on. It took a while to decide, but I couldn’t pass up some of the flavor choices in the Fruit Lover’s variety pack. It came with White Chocolate Raspberry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Apple Pie, Banana Nut Muffin, and Mixed Berry Bliss. I was worried again when reading these flavors because they sounded too good to be true. I mean who wouldn’t be excited about eating anything named Mixed Berry Bliss? So the marketer in me thought that this was just clever marketing on their part to hide the fact that I was about to gnaw on dog food nougat.

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I was incredibly surprised when I opened the first bar. While it still had the look of all the typical protein bars (that peanut butter color) I could actually see bits of fruit in the bar. At first I thought it was for show, but I was blown away when I got a little hunk of fruit in every single bite. And you actually taste it. I have to say that while all of the bars are actually very tasty, the Apple Pie flavor is amazing. I was so bummed that there were only two in the Fruit Lover’s variety pack. I could honestly eat one of those every single day!

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The texture is a little bit like a normal protein bar, but it is honestly not as bad as most. And having the various chunks of whatever goodness that flavor happens to be in the bar breaks up the texture. When you are biting little pieces of apple in a protein bar, that’s really the texture you pay attention to and it’s awesome!

Now I have a giant sweet tooth, it’s one of my Achilles heels, so I am really looking forward to trying the chocolate and other sweets flavors. I got a look at one of the Cookies n’ Cream bars and it honestly looks like a candy bar. And if it tastes anything like the Quest Cookies n’ Cream protein powder, then I am in business!

Ingredients in Quest Protein Bars

The Quest Nutrition protein bars are all gluten-free, which is important to many folks out there these days. I am taking the nutritional information off of the White Chocolate Raspberry flavor because that is the one I am getting ready to devour after I write this section of the review! The protein bar has 20 grams of protein while only having 2 grams of sugar. It also has 14 grams of fiber, which is a great thing. And it only has 6 grams of net carbs. Here is a snapshot of the back of the bar that has the nutritional information.


What stuck out to me is that the protein bar has 200 calories. That may seem a little high, but when you consider the amount of protein and fiber you are getting, that is a pretty good tradeoff. To give you an example of what 20 grams of protein looks like in other food sources, you would have to eat 5 egg whites, 194 grams of fat-free greek yogurt (yummy!), 400 grams of regular fat-free yogurt, 179 grams of cottage cheese, 313 grams of chick peas, or 250 grams of red kidney beans. I don’t know about you but I would much rather enjoy a protein bar that tastes like I’m eating a candy bar than have to settle for something I have to force down.

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Quest Protein Bar Effectiveness

quest-bar-reviewsI take the Quest Nutrition protein bar as a nice alternative to one of my meals. If you eat several smaller meals a day, there are not many better choices you can make. They fill you up while giving you a very good source of protein, fiber, and carbs. If you’re also looking for a healthy snack in between meals or after a workout, the Quest Nutrition protein bar is an excellent choice.


Overall Quest Bars Review

First of all the Quest Nutrition protein bar tastes amazing. When compared to most of the other protein bars on the market, Quest beats them to death in this category. We have established how important that is to me personally. I really can’t handle healthy foods that I have to choke on just to get the benefit. When you factor in the actual benefits you get from eating the Quest bars, it’s almost a no-brainer. These bars are simply some of the best on the market in all categories.


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