Paul Ryan and P90X


P90X on the Hill!!!

Congressional P90X

Paul Ryan is a Congressman from Wisconsin.  He is running for Vice President and he is also a fitness fanatic!  He has been telling anyone who will listen about his love for his fitness program of choice…P90X.  And he even leads a P90X class on Capital Hill!  How cool is that?  Check out this video from the Today Show.   Paul Ryan P90X That is awesome!  It’s actually affecting people’s attention to P90X and driving traffic to the websites.  Check out what the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, had to say about how website traffic is increasing.     You can start your own P90x Challenge by clicking HERE.  The challenge packs come with your program of choice, your first month of Shakeology, and a trial membership to the Beachbody Club which gives you awesome benefits (including 10% off purchases and a customized meal planner).  You can also choose to join our team and become a Beachbody Coach absolutely FREE with the purchase of a Challenge Pack. So click the link and let’s get you started on your journey to achieving your fitness goals!

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