Onnit TPC Vs

Onnit TPC vs

I took a look at Onnit TPC vs Animal Pak in a previous post, but it made me think, what is out there that compares to Total Primate Care? So if we are talking about the full list of components in Total Primate Care, nothing really comes close to providing the same things. But if we are just looking strictly from a consumer perspective, and we are looking at comparisons of multivitamins or multivitamin packs, we can compare the benefits and see where Total Primate Care stacks up. 

Total Primate Care Supplement Facts - Day Pack and Night Pack
Total Primate Care Supplement Facts – Day Pack and Night Pack

Note: If you want to read about my experience with Onnit TPC, visit here.

Onnit TPC Vs GNC Mega Men Sport

Ok, first of all, I am a huge fan of the name for GNC’s multivitamin. I’m dating myself a little bit here, but I was one of those kids that spent hours upon hours in front of the Nintendo growing up playing Mega Man. So this one struck a chord with me and I had to look into it because of that. So this is really not much a comparison when you look at the ingredients. Even the benefits that are listed for Mega Men Sport don’t compare to TPC. There is no mention of anything that will enhance cognitive function. Or anything that comes close as far as providing dense nutrition. It’s almost like this is supposed to be taken before a workout as part of a pre-workout supplement. But even if that’s the case, they don’t even hold a candle to Shroom TECH Sport.

onnit tpc vs gnc mega men sport

Onnit TPC vs Opti-Men

The next one I wanted to take a look at to go up against Onnit TPC was Opti-Men from Optimum Nutrition. At first glance, this is a pretty good supplement. It’s got a lot of vitamins and nutrients with it’s Phyto Men Blend. It appears to have a lot of powder from many different fruit and vegetable sources. Again, where it lacks when compared to Total Primate Care is in the nootropic element. That’s really what separates TPC for me and makes it my favorite is that it contains Alpha Brain. That appears to be the driving force behind a lot of people choosing TPC as well, based on the reviews I read. The other aspect of TPC that separates it from Opti-Men is the addition of Krill Oil which provides benefits to the body that is unmatched with anything from Opti-Men.

onnit tpc vs opti-men

Onnit TPC vs Ultra Man

This is a vitamin pack that I found was getting some backing on Vitamin World so I wanted to check it out. There are basically 6 elements in these packs. And Ultra Man Multi which is essentially a multivitamin that has a bunch of vitamins and nutrients. L-Arginine is another pill in this pack. This is simply an amino acid. Co Q-10 is the next ingredient which they claim is in every cell in the body. It is supposed to help with energy metabolism and healthy aging. Vitamin D3 is the next one. This is supposed to help support bone, immune system, and neuromuscular health. Then there is an Omega-3 Fish Oil pill. We have already covered that one when I talked about the benefits of Krill Oil over fish oil capsules. And the last pill is Saw Palmetto. This has been linked to help support prostate and urinary health for men. With all that being said…it seems like a nice little pack. Now there’s nothing in there for brain function (again). I didn’t read anything that would indicate a stronger source of energy than Shroom TECH Sport. The Vitamin D3 pill is not even comparable to Stron BONE. So I think this one is also left in the dust by TPC.


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