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I did not know there was any difference between ordering Onnit TPC UK and getting Total Primate Care in the United States. Apparently there is an exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom for Onnit called Xbrain. I never knew this was the case. And apparently they offer free shipping on all Onnit supplements within the UK on Fridays, which is pretty stellar. Check out these posts from the official Twitter and Facebook accounts of Onnit.

onnit tpc uk - twitter

onnit tpc uk - facebook

For all of my fellow Americans, feel free to visit my review page here for your Onnit TPC.

You can see when you go to the website that it is pretty focused on Onnit products, and for good reason. If they are the exclusive distributor for the whole United Kingdom I would be too! The only problem I saw was that there was no Onnit TPC Uk visitors could order on the site. I did not see Total Primate Care anywhere! I’m not sure if it’s not available or if they’re just sold out, but it seemed pretty odd to me that one of the best products from Onnit is not on the website of the exclusive distributor to the UK.

All that aside, they do also have a bunch of their own products on the site as well. They have their own versions of protein powders. They also have some pre-workout shots that almost look like 5-hour energy shots. They looked pretty interesting to me. They also offer a thermogenic fat burner, which is something that helps you boost your metabolism and is supposed to help you burn fat throughout the day.

Aside from Onnit and their own line of supplements, Xbrain also offers the Bulletproof line, which is something else that I have used in the past and found to be extremely beneficial. I first heard of Bulletproof through their coffee. I was fascinated how much extra shit is in the coffee we drink and the harmful contaminants that are in our everyday coffee. Dave Asprey, who is the guy behind Bulletproof, was on Joe Rogan’s podcast and he was explaining how bad the coffee we drink really is for us. And that the contaminants alone are the reason we have such a heavy crash a few hours after drinking each cup. It was a very interesting listen. Anyway, it’s cool that these products are offered on here as well. I think the Onnit line and Bulletproof go very much hand in hand.

So I wasn’t aware that Onnit was distributed by only one main company in the UK. So if you want your Onnit products, you better hop on the Xbrain website and order it today. And I would definitely take advantage of the Free shipping on Fridays if that’s still a real thing. I can’t even believe that’s real! I’m pretty jealous of that one, to be honest. But the only drawback that I found was that there is no Onnit TPC UK on the website. I could not find Total Primate Care no matter how hard I looked. I hope you are still able to purchase it elsewhere, but it seems like the exclusive distributors do not offer it.


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