Onnit TPC Side Effects

Onnit TPC Side Effects

So I wrote a previous post about Onnit TPC side effects, but I was doing some more research and found some other things that I wish I had added in there. So instead of going back, I just decided I’d write up another post. So in the last post, I talked about the possible negative side effects TPC may bring. In this one, I wanted to delve into the positive side effects that many people are experiencing when taking TPC. If you read the reviews there are a lot of people saying positive things about Total Primate Care.

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The thing that I’ve noticed when reading through reviews is it is either one of two things. People either don’t notice any difference when taking TPC, or they notice a difference and it’s a positive one. I really haven’t read too many reviews that had negative side effects. The positive ones are pretty overwhelming. Check this one out from a top 500 reviewer on Amazon:

Onnit TPC Side Effects - Amazon Review

There are quite a few reviews that talk about having more “clarity” and “focus”. Those seem to be a consistent theme amongst a lot of the reviews that I have been reading and I believe that can be directly resulting from Alpha Brain. I still think that this is the best element in Total Primate Care and from what I’m reading, a lot of people are having positive side effects with their overall mental function.

Another theme that I’m noticing when reading through a ton of TPC reviews is that a lot of people are noticing a better quality of sleep. There are even a few people that mention the effects of insomnia being less severe or noticeable when taking Total Primate Care. This is most likely due to the New Mood helping their bodies produce more serotonin and helping them have a more peaceful rest. But it’s pretty cool to see that it’s definitely not just me having a lot of these positive side effects. Another reviewer stated that their mood “became more stable.” I have never thought of this before but now that I read this I’m thinking that this has to have something to do with New Mood and the increase in serotonin as well.

There are also a lot of people speaking on the positive TPC side effect of increased energy. This is one of the side effects that I have really been noticing myself. My energy levels are more consistent throughout the day and I’m able to power through without having to go for a quick fix of caffeine or energy shot. Many of the people are reporting that this is the best part of their experience with TPC.

There are many people that have put reviews up on Total Primate Care online. If you are looking for more information on Onnit TPC side effects, it’s not hard to see the positive. As I said earlier, the main thing that I’ve seen from a negative standpoint is that not everyone feels the effects of TPC. But overall, aside from a few negative side effects that I covered in my previous post, I am seeing nothing but positive side effects from TPC.



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