Onnit TPC Alternative


Is there an Onnit Total Primate Care alternative out there? I have seen this question a few times. Is there anything that really compares to TPC that can provide you with the benefits you get from taking it? I’m not so sure. I’ve had people ask about the comparison of TPC vs Animal Pak and whether that is a viable alternative. I covered that in a post already.You can read how TPC worked for me, but as far as other alternatives, I wasn’t sure.  I actually looked into this when I was deciding on whether or not I wanted to start taking Total Primate Care or just stick with the supplements from Onnit that I was already taking; Alpha Brain, Shroom TECH Sport, and New Mood. So I’m pretty familiar with the reasoning behind the question. At the time I wasn’t sure I wanted to shell out the dough for Total Primate Care. I didn’t understand the value and wanted to know if there was anything else out there that could give me the same benefits but might be a little cheaper. So this is how I came to my conclusion on the Total Primate Care alternative.

Total Primate Care Alternative

As I said, I was already a believer in three of the supplements that are included in the Onnit TPC packs. I knew their value and benefits, but I wasn’t sold on the rest of the vitamins and supplements. So I had to look into things a little bit more to fully understand the value of TPC. But then again, taking a step back and looking at it logically, I was already taking Alpha Brain, Shroom TECH Sport, and New Mood. All of which are included in Total Primate Care. All of which I was paying for separately. I figured, even if I could just get them all in one pack I would be saving myself some money already. That’s not even mentioning the other elements of the TPC packs. So that’s ultimately why I decided to give it a try.

But what other vitamin and supplement pack comes with everything included in TPC? Is there one? If I’m being completely honest with you, I stopped looking once I realized the savings I was going to get by just getting Total Primate Care. But when I was looking, I found nothing. Everything I found was either more expensive, didn’t have everything I wanted in it. Namely a nootropic with the clinical results of Alpha Brain, an energy source that provides me with as much oomph as Shroom TECH Sport, and a supplement that helps my body increase serotonin levels naturally so I’m not as much of jerk! Oh…and please make it derived from natural sources and not artificially manufactured in some lab.

So you can clearly see what I’m getting at here. There really is no Total Primate Care alternative if you’re looking to get all the benefits that TPC gives you in one shot. You’d have to buy everything separately and stock your cabinet full of pill bottles. To me, this seems like quite a silly alternative to just getting all you need in one convenient pack in the morning and one at night. But maybe it’s just me ;)!


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