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Onnit Total Primate Care - Aubrey Marcus

So I wanted to take today’s post and write about Onnit Total Primate Care bodybuilding and whether or not it’s a useful addition to your repertoire if you are a bodybuilder. Most bodybuilders have an insanely strict list of supplements they put into their body. In fact, most serious bodybuilders watch everything that goes in their bodies whether it’s supplements, food, or even water. If you are in serious competitive bodybuilding, you have to be diligent. It’s much like professional athletes. They can’t afford to get popped for something that is on a banned substance list from a supplement they bought at GNC. So here is my take on Onnit Total Primate Care bodybuilding.

So the first place I look is Onnit’s own site. If you scroll toward the bottom of the page you will see a list of professional athlete recommendations. We all know that there are a ton of Mixed Martial Arts fighters that take Onnit supplements. That may be due to Joe Rogan’s affiliation with the company. Or it may just be that the supplements are believed to improve their vigorous training regimens. One of my favorite fighters, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is quoted on the Onnit site as saying “I’m never been a supplement guy, so TPC makes this sh*t easy. I just take a pack in the day, and a pack at night. Done. My training is better, my recovery is better, my mind is sharper, I’ve honestly never felt better since I started taking it.”

onnit total primate care bodybuilding?

You will also see professional track and field athletes as well as professional football players giving their recommendations for Onnit TPC. What that tells me is that it is a supplement that is thought to be beneficial enough to aid in professional athlete’s daily routines.

But what about Total Primate Care can help bodybuilding?

Well, let’s look at the individual supplements and break a few of them down on whether they would aid in a bodybuilder’s regimen or not. The first one to look at is Alpha Brain. The most powerful nootropic I’ve ever tested is proven to increase focus and memory. This is something a bodybuilder certainly needs when their training routine starts to get extremely intense. We have all gotten to that point in the gym when we have worked so hard we’re delirious. Imagine what a bodybuilder goes through! The next supplement is one I’ve spoken about many times before. Shroom TECH Sport will give the bodybuilder a tremendous boost of energy that they can use to power them through their intense workouts with ease. I would think that throwing around those heavy weights all day is also a prescription for some Stron BONE in their lives as well. It has to be beyond strenuous on their joints and bones to be lifting that much weight.

So just looking at the day pack of total primate care we can tell that there are definitely benefits to bodybuilders. Even if we only looked at Alpha Brain, Shroom TECH Sport, and Stron BONE, we can already tell that it is something that is extremely useful to anyone, especially professional athletes. So I would highly recommend Onnit Total Primate Care for bodybuilding.


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