Onnit Total Primate Care 30 Day

onnit total primate care 30 day

So my original Onnit Total Primate Care review already gave my opinion on the boxes of TPC that come with an order. I go day by day for 15 days and break down how I felt, what the effects were, and any changes that were noticeable. But I recently was asked about the Onnit Total Primate Care 30 day supply. Essentially it’s two boxes of TPC, 15 each of the daytime pack and 15 nighttime packs. My first order was just for the 15 day supply. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, or even if it was going to be worth it. After taking my initial test run with the 15 day trial, I have only been ordering the 30 day supply. Here’s why:

Onnit Total Primate Care 30 Day Supply Cost

One of the biggest benefits of ordering the Onnit TPC 30 day supply is that you get a cut in the cost. By ordering a 30 day supply you are saving yourself almost 15%. And they also offer subscription plans, which I take advantage of as well, where you save even more if you get your TPC shipped monthly. This is the best way to go in my opinion. I don’t have to worry about running out and missing the benefits of TPC for a few days.

onnit total primate care 30 day

Onnit Total Primate Care 30 Day Supply – The Double Up

So in my TPC review 15 day trial review post I mentioned that I doubled up on one of the days. What that means is that I took two packs instead of one. I did it for the daytime pack. There were a couple of reasons I chose to double up, and I’ll get into the benefits of doing so in another post, but I would have a tough time doubling up if I only had a 15 day supply (one box) instead of a 30 day supply (two boxes). That doesn’t leave much wiggle room there if I’m looking to have a double up day.

So these are just a couple of the benefits that popped into my head as to why I don’t prefer the 15 day supply and rather go for the Onnit Total Primate Care 30 day supply. I have laid out the benefits of actually taking TPC in my main review, as well as some other posts where I answered people’s questions. I have established that it’s a no-brainer to take. So if there’s a way you can save some scratch by going with the 30 day supply, why wouldn’t you? Not to mention to have enough of a supply where you can double up if you think you might need to on any particular day.

So if you’re on the fence, I’d go with the Onnit Total Primate Care 30 day supply on subscription to save you quite a bit of money. You can always cancel at any time anyway. But this way you have your steady supply where you won’t be running out and miss out on a few days, which would really suck! Hope this answered that question!



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