Onnit Supplement Review – Alpha Brain


So I wanted to do an Onnit Supplement Review and go over my favorite offerings from Onnit Labs. If you want to check out my review on Total Primate Care, which is packs that have many of the supplements I’ll cover in one convenient pack click here. But I wanted to dedicate a post to my favorite supplement from Onnit and tell a little bit of why I believe in it so much.

By far my favorite supplement that Onnit has is Alpha Brain. It is the first supplement I ever took from Onnit and is still something that has become part of my daily repertoire, whether I take it alone or as part of my Total Primate Care Day Pack. I was never a true believer in nootropics. I thought it was all a bunch of new age pseudoscience hogwash meant to sell things that didn’t actually work. But the more I heard about Alpha Brain, the more I was intrigued. It wasn’t until I heard Joe Rogan talking about it for the 157th time that I finally caved. I am a big fan of his and decided that if he was truly behind it that I could at least give it a try. Plus with the return policy I knew that if I wasn’t satisfied and didn’t see any kind of difference, I could just get my money back. To be honest, that’s exactly what I expected to do. I didn’t think anything would change and I would end up getting a refund.

Onnit Supplement Review - Alpha Brain

I was blown away within the first week of taking Alpha Brain. I didn’t really notice anything while it was happening at first. But when I looked back and realized how much I had accomplished without any breaks or drifting off into daydreams (which is something I am prone to do), I couldn’t believe it. The focus and processing speed with which I was able to work was borderline miraculous. I was always the guy that would drift into Never-Neverland any chance I got. So for me to be able to focus on task after task without a second thought was amazing. I got so much done that I thought someone was playing tricks on me.

The next place I noticed the effects of Alpha Brain was in my racquetball game. Now anyone that has followed me at all knows I love to play racquetball competitively. And, no, it’s not an old man’s game. At least not when I’m playing it! But I was amazed at how much I could actually anticipate things on the court when I was taking Alpha Brain. It felt like I had a little extra time to evaluate and consider my next shot. I was playing strategically for the first time in my life instead of running and gunning. It was something that I was not used to, but my game went up a whole level almost instantly.

Now I don’t know if everyone has the same effects that I did with Alpha Brain. It very well may be that you don’t feel the same way and don’t have that same level of focus and concentration that I do when I take it. All I know is that I am about 3 times more productive in my work when I take Alpha Brain and my ability to process and focus is through the roof. That’s why I take an extra pill on top of the pill that comes in the Total Primate Care day packs every day.


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