Onnit Labs Total Primate Care Review

Onnit Labs Total Primate Care Review

So I wanted to do a brief Onnit Labs Total Primate Care Review that was a little different than my original review where I broke down day by day how I was feeling when taking TPC. If you would like to read more about that or to purchase, check out TPC here. But I wanted to focus this review on a few of the ingredients that I didn’t cover as much in my review. More so because I wasn’t as familiar with the elements and what the ingredients did to the body. So really I wanted to focus on the three elements of TPC that are in both packs. This is Shroom TECH Immune, Krill Oil, and Spirulina & Chlorella.

So Shroom TECH Immune is not something that I was familiar with before embarking on my journey with Total Primate Care. I was always the kind of guy that believed that taking vitamin C pills with a glass of orange juice was enough to boost my immune system. It wasn’t until my entire family was sick for over a week without me even having a sniffle that I realized that something was up. I had to figure out what was helping my immune system so much. I never thought that all-natural ingredients with the focus on mushrooms would be the answer. I always thought of mushrooms as either something hippies took to trip out or something I liked on my pizza. It wasn’t until I read this paragraph on Onnit’s site that I realized the immense benefits of mushrooms and what they were doing to my body.

Shroom TECH Immune - Mushroom benefits

Krill Oil is another element that I overlooked when I first started taking TPC. I had taken fish oils in the past and had mixed results. I always felt that I was burping it up all day long and it was absolutely disgusting. To the point where I would forget the possible benefits that the pills were giving me because I couldn’t stand the aftertaste. Well I’m happy to report that I don’t have fishy burps with TPC, and the benefits that Krill Oil provides are so much more vast than the fish oil supplements I was taking that it’s really a no-brainer. Check out this paragraph from Onnit’s website on the benefits of Krill Oil.

onnit labs total primate care review - krill oil benefits

The last element of this Onnit Labs Total Primate Care review that I will cover is Spirulina & Chlorella. These little power pellets are absolutely amazingly beneficial. At first, when I heard that these were essentially derived from algae, I was all set. I thought of the scummy green goo that sat on top of stagnant ponds that stunk to high heaven. I never considered the possible health and nutrition benefits that could be gained from taking supplements coming from anything looking like that. But since it was in pill form, and not like taking an awful shot of Ninja Turtles ooze, I was willing to give it a try. And it’s a good thing I did. Check out what Onnit’s website says about Spirulina & Chlorella benefits.


onnit labs total primate care review - spirulina and chlorella benefits


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