New Year Revolution


What in the World is the New Year Revolution?

New Year RevolutionSo 2012 is winding down, we are in the midst of another Holiday Season and that means that it’s just about time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolution. Let’s face it…more often than not we make a resolution that has something to do with health and fitness. Whether it’s to lose weight, to get in shape, to increase your level of exercise, to eat healthier, to quit smoking, or to just plain live a healthier lifestyle…most people focus their New Year’s resolutions around health and fitness. The only problem is that most people don’t really stick to their resolutions. They let life get in the way. Believe me…I’ve been there myself. I wasn’t always focused on my health and nutrition. Still it always seemed that right around this time of the year…I would always tell myself that this was the year that I would turn it around!

The problem was never my motivation. I always wanted to find a way to lose weight fast, I just had no support system to help me on my journey. And without that, I gave up every time. I know there are a lot of people out there who are struggling with the same issues that I was because a great number of you have reached out to me. Because of that, I have decided to create the New Year Revolution. It’s not a resolution, it’s a revolution! We are going to create a brand new you! So here’s how it’s going to work…

Beachbody Challenge

You are going to have to apply to be a part of the New Year Revolution because I am going to be dedicating a lot of my time to each person in the New Year Revolution in order to help you achieve your goals. I honestly don’t have time to go chasing people around who are not going to be focused and put in the necessary work to achieve their goals. So I have to be sure that I am going to be working with someone who will give me 100% and will not let me or themselves down.

Beachbody ChallengeWhat you will be getting with the  New Year Revolution is that support that you need in order to hit your goals. That support that I never had to keep me motivated every time I would make a broken promise to myself that I was going to turn things around and focus on my fitness and health. I will be talking with you on a daily basis to make sure that we are staying focused and doing the necessary steps to achieve our goals. I will be giving you daily videos, stories, and motivational messages to give you that extra push…even when you don’t need it! I’m also going to be going through this journey with you! I’m not going to be sitting on the sidelines…I am going to be doing it with you…every single day! The New Year Revolution is going to be focused around the Beachbody Challenge because I know that it really is the best way to lose weight fast, get in shape, tone up, and jump-start your new lifestyle. The amount of success stories from the Beachbody Challenge have been inspiring and my goal is to create a multitude of success stories from the New Year Revolution!

New Year Revolution

So if you are honestly ready to take your resolution seriously this year…don’t do it alone! Apply to be a part of the New Year Revolution today before the spots are all filled up…

Steps to apply:

  • LIKE this post .
  • Go to the Contact Page and give me this information. Tell me why you think that the New Year Revolution is right for you, what program you would like to get started with, and what your goals for the Revolution are. 


I will contact you after I review your information and give you the next steps if you are a good match! 


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