How Beachbody Changed My Life


Beachbody Changed My Life

I was an athlete my entire life growing up. I played football and lacrosse
throughout high school and college. I was in great shape but developed horrible
nutrition habits. After my playing days were over, those habits caught up to me
and without the sports pushing me to work out on a regular basis, I let myself
go. Little by little, the body and positive attitude that I worked so hard for
my entire life to obtain faded away. I became overweight and sluggish and had a
negative outlook on life in general. I would tell myself that I could turn it
around all the time and go back to the person physically and psychologically
that I was before. I would shrug off a night out with my friends, telling myself
that “I will start working out next week.” Sometimes I would go to the gym or go
for a run, but it never lasted. I would always tell myself that “I can turn this
around whenever I want” because I truly thought that I was the same person I was
when I was competing in athletics.

But the weeks turned into months, and the
months to years and well, I never got the motivation to do something with
myself. It wasn’t until last summer when I finally got the wakeup call that
changed my life forever. I was at a family party and I was getting pictures
taken with my fiancé. A few weeks later, when I saw the pictures, I was
embarrassed at how I looked for the first time in my life. No one said anything
to make me feel embarrassed, it was something that I saw. And it hurt. I could
not ignore the fact that I did not like the way I looked. I decided at that
moment to do something about it. But what do I do? As I said before, I would go
to the gym from time to time, or go for a few runs, but I never seemed to stick
with it. I needed something to motivate me. I needed something that would tap
into the competitive nature that I still had inside me. I knew that if I found
something that could tap into that for me, I would stay motivated and the “old
me” would come back.




I saw an infomercial for P90X one night and changed the
channel. A few days later, I saw it again. And then I started hearing my
favorite sports personalities talking about the program and saying they were
trying it. I figured that if they could try it, so could I. I went online and to
be honest I was a a little hesitant. As I have said, nothing seemed to stick
before and I was afraid to spend money on a product and not use it. Then I saw
the guarantee. They guaranteed that if I didn’t get in the best shape of my
life, that I could get my money back. So there was no excuse left for me. I
decided to go for it and I have to admit, I was excited. I was literally waiting
by the door in anticipation. I decided not to dread the fact that I was going to
work out, but to think about it as a life change. An opportunity to erase those
negative images from last summer. When it came in the mail I opened it right
away and got started. It wasn’t always easy and there were times when I didn’t
think I was going to be able to do it, but every time I felt like I should give
up, Tony Horton said the perfect thing on the DVD to motivate me and get me back
on track. It was almost like there were cameras in my living room and he could
see me struggle and he motivated me to push through. My first 90 days was
amazing. My second 90 was even better. Now I’m to the point where I don’t feel
right if for some reason I miss a workout. I have never felt stronger in my
life. I went down 4″ on my waist, have a physique that I can be proud of, and
have the energy I had when I was competing athletically. I’ve never felt better
and my attitude is 100% positive. I get compliments on how I look and how much
I’ve changed on a daily basis. Beachbody changed my life. That’s why I decided
to become a Beachbody coach. I want others to feel the way I feel and I can’t
wait to help them turn their lives around the way I turned mine around.


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