Leg Day Again – Why Is This So Important?


Leg Day - Keep CalmSo it’s leg day again for me.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love a good leg workout just as much as the next guy…

But sometimes I absolutely dread leg day!!

Leg Day - SkipIt friggen hurts! It is by far some of the hardest workouts ever. And it’s not like I have chicken legs at all. Actually my legs are the part of my body that needs the least amount of work. 

So why does it hurt so much? And why do I sweat like I just ran a marathon in the hot desert sun during leg day?

I did some research and found some interesting things out about leg day….the benefits of having leg exercises…and why you “can’t skip leg day!”

Check it out….


Leg day is the easiest session to skip in the gym. Leg training is tough — no doubt about it — and it can be tempting to forget your leg workouts in favor of easier training sessions or missing the gym altogether. Many guys and girls prefer to focus on the showier muscles — arms, abs, shoulders and chest — but leg training has many benefits that go beyond aesthetics.

No matter how big your upper body is, having small legs will make your physique look odd at the least, if not ridiculous. In bodybuilding contests, judges don’t look at muscle mass in one area — they look at your whole package. This includes proportion and symmetry criteria, so if your legs are lacking, you won’t get far in the bodybuilding game. Even if you’re not looking to compete, small legs don’t look good when you’re at the beach or strutting your stuff in shorts.

For sport and athletic performance, working out your legs is vital, according to a 2013 article written by personal trainer Michael Mahony. A bigger squat, dead lift and power clean will translate to running faster on the sports field and jumping higher on the basketball court. Even endurance athletes can benefit from stronger legs. You’ll also build strong knee, hip and ankle joints leg training, reducing your risk of injury.

Think you need cardio workouts to burn fat? Think again. Training your legs, particularly with multi-joint compound exercises, burns a higher number of calories than easier upper-body moves such as biceps curls or lateral raises. This leads to increased fat loss, which is also partly caused by the release of hormones you get when training legs. Your leg muscles are so large that this hormonal response can even help you build upper-body muscle mass, reports the “Men’s Fitness” website in 2013.

Weight-bearing exercises and resistance training are crucial components in the prevention and management of osteoporosis and arthritis. If you’re using weight training purely to keep bones and joints healthy later in life, do front squats, stiff-legged dead lifts, calf raises, leg presses and any other challenging leg moves that take your fancy. If you’ve been diagnosed with a bone or joint condition, however, and are looking to training to manage your condition, consult with your doctor and a fully qualified trainer before starting a routine.

Top 5 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day | Functional Fitness Blog

Top 5 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day

Aug 2, 2012 standart facebook ico Top 5 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day … The exercises that exert the most physiological benefits for fat loss are Squats, …



Leg Day - Day After

So keep this in mind the next time you want to skip leg day. 

Even though you might want those “guns”, you’re better off skipping an arm workout. Leg day demolishes calories and gives you by FAR the best return on your workout time.

So with all that being said…I’m going to go suffer through another leg day! 

Wish me luck! 

Talk to you later!







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