Kettlebell Workouts to Create the Body You Always Wanted

An Image of some Onnit kettlebells

By: Craig Tuttle Fitness

If you want to get into great shape, then a kettlebell workout could be one of the best options for your body. Kettlebells are an affordable, fun and simple way of getting strong, and you don’t need a lot of space to use them either, or any accessory equipment.

An Image of some Onnit kettlebells

If you want to do barbell workouts, then you need a bar, weights, a bench, and a squat rack with spotter bars. That’s a lot of space to give up for your exercises. Dumbells are a bit easier to work with, but you will be limited in the gains you can make with simple dumbell exercises. Kettlebells, on the other hand, do not need anything other than space to swing them, and because of the dynamic nature of the exercises, low weights will take you a long way.

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Most women can start doing kettlebell exercises with an 8kg kettlebell. Most men can start with a 16kg kettlebell, and this should offer the chance to make some significant strength gains before you need to upgrade to a 12kg or a 20kg kettlebell.

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A lot of women, when they are presented with an 8kg kettlebell think that it’s far too heavy for them. A lot of men think the opposite, and assume that 16kg will be far too light. In most cases, the novice kettlebell user is incorrect in their assumptions – because you aren’t going to be manipulating a kettlebell in the same way that you would work with other weights. Yes, 8kg is a heavy weight for a small woman to move with one hand – but it’s not a heavy weight to swing, because a kettlebell swing uses multiple muscle groups – and just like lifting an Olympic barbell requires good technique, the kettlebell swing requires technique too – something that you will develop only if you actually work out properly, with a suitably heavy weight.

Just as women will likely find that they can lift more than they think when they recruit multiple muscle groups, many men might find that swinging a kettlebell is harder than they think. Women possess less upper body strength than men, and the average man will probably have decent strength in the biceps, but will likely not have spent much time recruiting the other supporting muscles, so they will need to focus on developing technique just as much as a woman would.

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A good kettlebell workout will help you to avoid injuries because it will recruit muscles that you rarely use. This means that it will help to strengthen them – improving your posture and even making you feel more flexible.

Start with simple exercises – goblet squats, Turkish get-ups, and kettlebell swings or snatches. Consider working with a kettlebell coach so that you can get completely familiar with the moves and how to do them safely. If you perform the exercises incorrectly you could get muscle imbalances, or just end up wasting your time.

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