Ultimate Kettlebell Fails Compilation

Kettlebell Fail - Faceplant

This post is a mixture of both funny and sad. If you’ve been reading my posts about kettlebells at all you know how much I stress proper form and technique when working out with kettlebells. I can’t stress it enough. Not only to get the appropriate exercise to the muscles that the move is targeting, but more importantly, to prevent injury that can so easily be avoided. Now I know that you can get hurt working out with any piece of fitness equipment. We’ve all seen the ridiculous videos of people trying to jump on a running treadmill and busting their face. But kettlebells are a little different. If you’re not used the the balance and weight distribution of the kettlebell that you’re using, it can be pretty easy to lose track of the bell and it can take you for quite the ride. Take a look at some of these epic kettlebell fails and my interpretation of them.

Know Your Damn Limits

This first category is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re working out with kettlebells you need to know your limits. Even in competition, you push yourself too far and end up looking like a collapsible puppet when your whole body gives out. Lock it up and know your limits.

Gumby Arm in the Snow

Now this one I didn’t understand from the start. Clearly this is some kind of competition. I’m not sure why she has a microphone in front of her face while she is lifting a kettlebell. OR why it is being done outside in the snow. That has to completely ruin your grip, which is pretty damn important when working out with kettlebells if you ask me. She’s wearing snow pants for crying out loud. But take a look at her arm and tell me it doesn’t look like some kind of Gumby action going on when she attempts to lift this thing.

When the Kettlebell Manipulates You

So this is what happens when you let the weight manipulate you instead of the other way around. When you’re doing a kettlebell swing, it has to be like a pendulum. A smooth motion back and forth. If you stop that motion for any reason, you’re doomed. This girl is so damn lucky that she doesn’t drop the bell on her dome. Take a look at what happens when you let the kettlebell manipulate you.

Kettlebell Hump? What in the @#%& Is He Doing?

Ok, this one is disturbing. I am not quite sure what this guy is trying to accomplish here, but I’m almost positive that whatever he is trying to strengthen with these moves, they are not going to be used anyway. I mean, he’s clearly trying to improve his performance outside of the gym, but I’m pretty sure after seeing this video, that particular area of his life is the least of his worries.

Don’t Use a Dining Room Chair When Kettlebelling

So there are certain rules I like to use when working out. Whether in the gym or at home. I don’t think they are too strict. But they are necessary, in my opinion, to ensure a successful workout. One of those rules happens to be: don’t use a dining room chair to work out. Here is a perfect example of why I have that rule.

Time for a New Clock

This one is unfortunate. She was doing so well, until she wasn’t. This shows how important grip really is when working out with kettlebells. OR maybe she was just all set with that damn clock. Either way…check your grip or this happens.

Not The Way To Add Weight

This one had me rolling! This guy is obviously getting too jacked. The old weights just weren’t giving him the pump he needed. Logical next step would be to add weight. Well…in this guy’s case, he takes it a little too literally. And a side note….did he really use Scotch tape??? What in the wide world of #$%& is this guy thinking???

Kettlebells…Not a Water Sport

I’m not sure why you would ever attempt to do this in water, but here is a perfect example of why you should not. Again, how can you ensure a proper grip if you are trying to do this in water??

So there are just a few of my favorite kettlebell fails that I have found online. I thought these would be a great way to show you what not to do when working out with kettlebells, as well as have a few laughs. But on a serious note, please make sure you use proper form, consider your grip, and don’t try to do too much when wo


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