Is P90X Right For Me?



Is P90x the right home fitness program for you? A lot of people shy away from P90x because it is considered to be a very intense program.  Some feel that you already have to be in top shape in order to be able to finish the workouts.  I get a lot of people that approach me and ask me if they should start with something a little less intense.  My feeling on that is…absolutely not! Why start with something less intense? Why not go for the program that is proven to be effective and has gotten numerous people, from all shapes, sizes, and ages, top notch results.  The beauty with the P90x program, is that it can be modified.  So if you can’t do 100% of the workout the first time through, you just aim for a little more next time.  If you can only do 1 push up, then next time you try for two.  If you don’t challenge yourself, no one is going to do it for you.  And the only person you’re cheating on is yourself! So let’s step up to one of the best home fitness programs available and let’s create a new you!



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