I Want To Be A Fit Dad

Daddy Craig

Daddy CraigLife has recently blessed my wife and me with a beautiful baby girl. I know it’s cliché and every parent says it…but it truly is the greatest thing to have ever happened to us.

Every day is something new with our precious little peanut.

I’ve often heard parents talk with such pride about their children. I finally understand why.

Now….with all that being said. Let’s get to the reality of the situation.

I have allowed the circumstances that surrounded me (namely a pregnant wife followed by a crying infant) dictate my diet and exercise. Or complete lack thereof.

To put it bluntly…I’m officially a fat dad!

I think a lot of couples go through similar situations. It’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement of everything that is happening.

And the wife craving pizza and wings with soda doesn’t help things either! (Who are we to deprive her of such cravings? She’s carrying our child, right?)

So we all gain the sympathy weight. It happens to the best of us.

Sympathy WeightI see all these programs and groups for new
mothers losing the baby weight…but the funny thing is…I was the one left looking in the mirror in disgust!

She gave birth to our beautiful baby girl and I was left still looking pregnant!

What’s worse is the fact that our baby is a month old and there always seems to be an excuse for me not working out. Or not eating right.

Yes, I am sleep deprived.

Yes, I have a complete lack of energy.

Yes, ordering take-out is so much easier than cooking a healthy meal.

No, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.

NOOOOO! The baby is crying again and my wife is trying to catch a quick nap and I have to find out what the baby needs before she wakes up my wife and I get looked at like an imbecile who can’t do anything right…..again.

Something’s got to give!

Am I the only one who’s gone through this? (rhetorical question)

Well I know I have to do something.

I was in good shape before the pregnancy.

I was active. I played sports. I worked out. I ate right (barring a few cheat days here and there).

Active Dad
Proof That I Wasn’t Always A Fatty!
Sympathy Weight Loss
Further Proof

I simply let the excuse of my wife’s pregnancy become my excuse for allowing myself to become a Fat Dad.

But I want to be a Fit Dad!

Ok…So now I need a game plan.

I know I don’t have all the time in the world to work out anymore. So I need something that is quick, but still effective.

Well, I know that my home workouts are all less than an hour with some of them less than a half hour. I have a plethora to choose from since I AM a Beachbody Coach and I get a huge discount on all the products (so I may have stockpiled a bunch of fitness programs J ). So there’s the answer to my workout.

Beachbody Fitness Programs

But what about nutrition? Do I really have time to fix myself proper, healthy meals?

I know….SHAKEOLOGY!!! It’s all my fruits and veggies in one glass! Which is perfect because I’m not a huge fan of veggies anyway! So if I make one shake a day, and get my workouts in when I can…I should be good!

Shakeology Reviews

Look…I know I’m not the only one out there. I know there are other dads (or moms) that have let themselves and their own health slide a little bit when the kids start making an appearance.

I’m here to help.

So this is a call to all you Proud Poppas out there!

Take the Beachbody Challenge with me. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW AND LET’S GET STARTED! 

Beachbody Challenge Programs

You get your choice of one of the premiere fitness programs, along with Shakeology, and unrivaled support to ensure you get back to the old you in no time!

And it’s all guaranteed. If you don’t see results in your first 30 days, send it all back and get your money back. So you have nothing to lose.

No more excuses. Let’s do this!

 Beachbody Challenge


Beachbody Fitness Programs - Lose Weight 


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