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I am fortunate to be a part of a very large community of people involved with Beachbody and get to hear about some amazing success stories.  The other day a gentleman from our team was kind enough to share his story and gave us permission to share it as well.  I thought it was such a great story that I would share it here. It is about what Shakeology has done for him, and it is nothing less than amazing!

“In late September, a friend came to my aid in helping lose weight (24 pounds from Oct. 4-Nov.21) by having 2 Shakeologies per day as meal replacements. For maintenance during the holidays I dropped to 1 Shakeology, and 1 Meal Replacement. But the real payoff may have come yesterday. You see as of last May I had prostate cancer with an 8.1 PSA, positive biopsy, blood cell indicators, and fluid retention consistent with this cancer. At my checkup yesterday, the doctor was stunned to find out that my PSA had dropped to 1.48 (impossible drop in his mind), no blood cell indicators, no fluid retention and not even an enlarged prostate. Cancer-free! He asked me what I had been doing as the trial protocol has never had this results. The only thing I have been doing differently is Shakeology. (I hadn’t even worked out except to walk 20 mins 2x per week for my Emerald Coach status.) More water. More whole foods too. He said he couldn’t believe it. Did more tests and confirmed that it was true. He said to keep doing exactly as I had been doing. There is never a chance now that I would ever give up Shakeology!”

This was such an inspiring story and shows that the benefits of Shakeology reach way further than the typical weight loss, lower cholestrol, lower blood pressure, and improved regularity that people experience while replacing just one meal a day with it.  I was stunned when I read this story and could not be happier for this individual.  If you would like to give Shakeology a try and see what it can do for you, contact me or order below. Remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, even if the bag is empty!


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