Fitness Challenge Day 32

Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge Day 32

Fitness Challenge


Updates From My Personal Fitness Challenge

This fitness challenge has been amazing. If you haven’t been keeping up…please follow me on YouTube. I am trying to make as many videos as I can during this fitness challenge, and really want to encourage as many people as possible to do a fitness challenge of their own. I have been feeling great since starting this challenge. I don’t want to give away my results just yet….but I am excited about them for sure!

The best result that I have gotten from this fitness challenge is that my cardio on the racquetball court has improved tremendously. As I’ve said in a lot of my videos, I love racquetball and play competitively. One of the whole reasons I started this fitness challenge was to increase my cardio for my racquetball game. The other day I was playing a match and there were a couple long rallies in a row. I wasn’t phased at all and my opponent had to take a break and call a timeout. It was amazing! It’s exactly the result I was looking for from this.

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