Does Eating More Often Boost Metabolism?


Boost MetabolismThis has always been a topic of debate in the fitness and weight loss community. I set out to find out once and for all…

Does eating more small meals boost your metabolism?

Boost Metabolism

So I hunkered down and did a ton of research. And the more research I did, the more confused I got. 

I get to the point where I am just about convinced that one side of the argument is the case, then I read something else that points to the opposite stance being true. 

I mean…here are two results from the same search on Google…

The Basics of Boosting Metabolism –
Eat the right foods and eatmore often. So it’s no surprise that so many people, especially men and women whose metabolisms have begun to slow down, want to boost their metabolism and turn that food into energy more quickly.

Eat the right foods and eat more often. Many adults have been turned on to the concept of grazing, an approach to diet wherein adherents eat small portions of food every two to three hours instead of the more traditional three square meals per day. But grazing is only effective when men and women eat the right foods. Each small meal should still have nutritional value just as if it were a large meal. When eating smaller meals, include healthy sources of protein and fiber. Vegetables tend to be especially beneficial because they are high in fiber, a nondigestible carbohydrate that is hard for the body to break down. As the body works hard to break down fiber, it’s burning energy and boosting its metabolism along the way. Fish is another potentially beneficial food for those looking to boost their metabolisms, as studies have shown that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils increase the levels of fat-burning enzymes in the body while decreasing the body’s level offat-storage enzymes.

Eating more often benefits the body because doing so stimulates metabolism, reassuring the body that food will be coming on a regular basis. When meals are skipped or there are long intervals between meals, the body reacts as if it might run out of food and begins to store fat….

And then there’s this one…

Eating More Meals Does NOT Speed Up Your Metabolism | The IF Life
EatingMore Meals Does NOT Speed Up Your Metabolism. … or whoever and they will probably all tell you the same thing “You need to eat small meals through out …

This is one of the biggest myths and misconceptions that I hear all the time in mainstream media and people trying to tell me how to eat healthy. Ask any trainer, nutritionist, doctor, diet guru…or whoever and they will probably all tell you the same thing “You need to eat small meals through out the day to speed up/keep your metabolism going”.

Really? Is that how it works? Our metabolism accelerates based on meal to meal frequency during a day? I don’t think so.

In fact, next time you hear someone say that just ask them to explain it in more detail and hear what they have to say then. In the meantime let’s go over what is happening and dispel this myth (as I have people who are overweight telling me that they need to eat 6x a day in order to lose weight because some hollywood trainer wrote it in his latest book and that I am wrong)….

Boost MetabolismSo who is right?

At the end of my nauseating search, I came to one conclusion. 

Who cares?????

I think that every body is different, and each body reacts slightly differently to changes in diets, workouts, or other factors. 

I know for me personally that when I eat more meals a day on a consistent basis, I tend to have more energy (especially if I’m working out hard) and I tend to lose weight. Now this could all be coincidence, or the fact that when I do eat more frequently, I am a little more aware of what I am eating, but at the end of the day, I know that it does work for me. 

So my conclusion is that you are going to find people arguing both sides on this no matter how long you look. Just find something that works for your specific body and go with it. Just as long as we’re not stuffing our faces with pizzas and fast food every 3 hours!!!

Boost MetabolismNo matter what you choose to do…I think that making healthier food choices will ultimately do more for you than any type of eating schedule ever could. 

So there’s my 2 cents on that one. 

Talk soon.


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