Do You Really Want To Be Healthier or Are You Saying That?

Team Beachbody

 Team Beachbody

It is not always easy to live a healthy lifestyle.

Being a fitness coach, I have grown very accustomed to hearing unique versions of why people cannot lead a more healthy, fulfilling life.

And to be completely honest…I always thought I was being fed a little dose of BS.

I mean, let’s face it…99.9% of us could definitely benefit from leading a little healthier lifestyle. 

Now I’m not talking about counting the caloric intake of every ounce of food you put in…or spending 3 hours of your day at the gym.

That’s not for me. And I’m almost 100% sure that’s not for anyone reading this right now.

What I’m talking about is just doing the little things. Making the simple choices. 

The slight changes to your lifestyle that could make all the difference in the world.

No one is expecting you to turn into a health nut overnight.

I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’m a huge fan of food.

I thoroughly enjoy a good barbecue. Or a nice chocolatey dessert. 

 The thing is…I have put things in place to counteract those decisions that might not be the best for my health.

Believe me, if I didn’t have these things in place, I would probably be on the fast track to morbid obesity. Let’s face it….I’d most likely be a bonafide fatty at this point. 

So what do I do that counteracts some of my poor nutritional decisions and allows me to live with some of my lovely vices??

Well the first thing is that is my number one weapon against me blowing out my belt buckle is Shakeology.

Shakeology Flavors

Ok…look…I know you’ve heard all about Shakeology by now.

Well…let me tell you something. There’s a reason you’ve heard all about it and how great it is.


I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke up your derrière.

I am not in the business of lying to people. I’ve fallen for my fair share of empty promises from “miracle” solutions in the past. I want you to know that when I say this, I mean it. Absolutely. No BS.

Shakeology is the absolute healthiest single food source you could ever dream of putting into your body.

My-Shakeology-ReviewI’m not telling you this because I represent Shakeology. In fact, the only reason I even represent it is because I wanted to get the discount on it for doing so!

There is nothing available that can beat the level of nutrition that Shakeology provides you with.


So that is the first thing that I do that allows me to live the lifestyle I choose. (Did I mention I love BBQ?)

The other thing is pretty easy to guess.

And it’s one that half of you will literally cringe when you read it.


Yup…might as well be one of those four letter words to some of you!

But that’s it. That’s my big secret.

Now I know some of you out there are rolling your eyes while saying (out loud) to your computer screen “well Craig, I just don’t have time to do any kind of exercise.”


Stop it!

The fact is that every single one of us finds time to fit something in our lives if that something is important enough to us.

So if you are really are serious about getting a little bit healthier, and you’re not just saying that to sound cool (yes, some people fit into this category) then you will find the time to exercise. 

See most people just say they need to exercise or that they want to get healthier. They say they want to shed a few lbs.

But when it comes down to it, they would rather sit on the couch and watch whatever ridiculous reality tv show is popular these days.

I’m no better myself! I have made those excuses in the past too.

Only to find myself glued to the tv when the game comes on!

What’s even worse is that there are so many great options for getting a solid workout in that take minimal time.

It really makes the whole “not enough time” excuse completely obsolete.

T25-WorkoutT25 takes 25 minutes per workout.

P90X3 workouts are all a half hour.

So what’s your REAL excuse?

What is the REAL reason you are not getting your workout in?

Look…if you are at all serious about trying to live a little bit more of a healthy lifestyle, then you owe it to yourself to give it your best shot.

Shakeology really is as advertised. And even if it wasn’t, and I was completely full of it…there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Even if the bag is empty.

Still have a valid reason for not giving it a try?

P90X3-workoutAnd with workouts that get proven results in less than a half hour per day like T25 and P90X3, your excuse of no time is no longer valid. (BTW they also come with the guarantee!) 

And you can save even more money by getting a Challenge Pack that has Shakeology AND the workouts included!

So really what it boils down to is whether or not you really are serious about trying to do something for your health and fitness.

If you are serious, there are two links below. And I will be happy to help you on your journey towards a healthier you.

If you’re not really serious, and you are just kind of saying you want to get a little healthier or lose some weight….then I can’t really help you!

Either way…the choice is yours…



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