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This article will reveal all there is to know about Shakeology and even tell you how you can qualify for an exclusive discount.  Read this before you order Shakeology! 


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Why Buy Shakeology?

Buy ShakeologyDO NOT buy Shakeology.  Shakeology is a scam.  Shakeology doesn’t work.  Don’t fall for the Shakeology hype.  Have you heard any of these statements?  I certainly have.  What would make people say this?  Could these statements really be accurate?  Can something that is so overwhelmingly popular and successful be nothing more than hype?  We’ve certainly seen it before haven’t we…I mean…how many times has there been a product that seems to sweep the nation and been nothing more than hype?  Let’s examine these statements a little further before you decide to buy Shakeology.





Why So Many People Buy Shakeology

ShakeologyWhy are there so many people that decide to buy Shakeology if it is a scam or hype?  And why do a lot of these same people buy Shakeology on a monthly basis?  I was extremely skeptical about Shakeology!  There were a lot of detractors out there when I was making my decision, but with the 30 day money back guarantee that comes with it, I decided that it would be pretty silly of me not to buy Shakeology.  If a product was promising to deliver the kind of results that I am looking for, then I absolutely was willing to give it a chance if I knew that I could get my money back if it didn’t deliver.  Why not, right?  Well….I have to admit…Shakeology is NOT a scam!  I couldn’t believe the changes it had made in me.  By just substituting one meal a day with Shakeology, I was able to lose 45 lbs (alongside my workout program).

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Now I know there are a lot of stories out there about people who did buy Shakeology and had great success.  But I had to see for myself.  I had to make sure that it wasn’t hype and that it wasn’t people just trying to make money off of it like a lot of other things out there that deliver empty promises.  As I’ve said before…I liked the money back guarantee.  To me that was them putting their money where their mouth is.  If you still need some more information before you buy Shakeology, take a look at this:

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So Should You Buy Shakeology?

Why Buy Shakeology
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The bottom line is this…if you are looking to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, increase your energy, get more regular, and find a way to get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs without having to eat fruits and veggies all day long…then you need to buy Shakeology.  As I’ve said…you have nothing to lose with the money back guarantee.  And on top of that…if you order HD (Home Direct), you don’t even have to pay for shipping and you still get the guarantee.  I know that the decision to buy Shakeology was one of the best decisions of my life.  Will it be the same for you?

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Order Shakeology Today!

ShakeologyI know that sometimes people get nervous right when they are ready to order Shakeology for the first time.  I know I was.  I actually struggled with the decision to order Shakeology at first, and that was after I had become a coach!  I was worried that it was just another one of those weight loss things that promised you the world and couldn’t deliver anything.  I was extremely skeptical to say the least. Even though I already had experience with Beachbody and some of their products, I thought that maybe they were using the tremendous success from P90X and riding that wave to sell their customers.  Now keep in mind that this was back when I was living with a negative mindset and hadn’t gone through my personal development transformation yet.  I always looked at the possible negative aspects in every situation instead of realizing the positive ones.  I finally caved and decided to order Shakeology.  Here are my personal top 3 affects Shakeology has had on me.

Reason To Order Shakeology #3 : No More Energy Drinks or Coffee

My decision to order Shakeology may not have been an easy one, but I have talked about some of my experiences with Shakeology in length in previous posts.  Everything that it claimed to do for other people, it did for me.  It was unbelievable.  I was able to lose weight faster.  I used to skip breakfast every day and have a giant coffee followed by either two huge energy drinks during the day, or a couple of the tiny energy shots.  Once I made the decision to order Shakeology, I also told myself that I was going to take the advice of some of the Beachbody experts and have my shake for breakfast.  I have never looked back!  It’s been unbelievable.  Gone are the energy drinks or shots!  I actually save money because I don’t need them anymore.

Reason To Order Shakeology #2 : Stomach Problems Solved!!!

Another personal issue I was having before my decision to order Shakeologywas a lot of stomach problems.  I wrote about this in a previous post, and it’s kind of embarrassing to talk about, but I had stomach issues my entire life.  I was constantly going to the Dr and trying new things to help with my stomach issues.  They could not figure out what was wrong with me.  It was anything from lactose intolerance to IBS to a “nervous stomac” (whatever that is…it only made me more nervous when they called it that!).  I mean…I had a colonoscopy before I was 20 years old, so you can just imagine my stomach issues.  I am being 100% truthful when I tell you that after my decision to order Shakeology, and after being on it for less than a month…my stomach issues were gone!  I don’t know what the official diagnosis ever really was (I think we left off at IBS) but it is completely gone now and I haven’t changed anything aside from taking Shakeology!

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Reason To Order Shakeology #1 : No BP Meds

Order ShakeologyWhen I made that choice to order Shakeology, it was part of a lifestyle change that I knew I had to go through.  As I have talked about in previous posts, since my college athletics days were over, I was letting myself go at a pretty steady pace.  I was gaining weight, not really taking good care of myself nutrition wise, and making poor choices all around.  I don’t remember the first time it happened, but all of a sudden, every time I went to the Dr, all they wanted to talk about was my high blood pressure.  It got pretty annoying after a while to be honest with you.  I would go there for something completely unrelated and all they would talk about was how high my blood pressure was and it got to the point where they prescribed medication.  It was at this point when I finally decided that I had to do something.  I took the prescription from the Dr, and I remember holding the bottle when I got it and thinking that I was NOT going to have to take this for the rest of my life.  It was at that moment when I finally decided to order Shakeologyand give the whole thing a try.  Fast forward to present day and you can obviously see that it worked or I wouldn’t still be talking about it!  No more medication!  No more high blood pressure!

Shakeology vs

Click To See Enlarged Comparison ChartSo now you’ve seen my top 3 reasons why you should order Shakeology.  I am not saying that these will all happen with you…they may not.  But what if just one of them does?  Would it be worth the 10 minutes it takes to find out?  After all…you have a money-back guarantee, so all you’d be wasting is the 10 minutes to order Shakeology and give it a month to see if you can get similar results.









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