Craig Tuttle Fitness Reviews

Craig Tuttle Fitness Reviews

Welcome to, the ultimate source for reviews on everything fitness and nutrition. We review everything from nootropics and pre-workout drinks to fitness equipment and workout apparel. We have a passion for fitness and nutrition and want to pass on our knowledge on the products that we have personally tried and found to be kickass!

Craig TuttleI’m Craig, the chief reviewer and founder of this site. I urge you to check out more on me and my team so you can find out where we are coming from when we review various products. You will find that we are not full of sh*t people just trying to make a buck online. We actually hope to become the “go-to” source for reviews on nutritional supplements, fitness programs and gear, and everything to help optimize yourself to reach your potential.

Honest Fitness and Nutrition Reviews

I started this site because I have a true passion for fitness and nutrition. I found myself spending hours online looking at sites about products and reading up on them, only to get them home and find out that they are crap in a canister! It really bummed me out. I wanted to find a voice out there that I could connect with and trust that they weren’t giving me a line of BS just trying to sell me on something that might as well be Koolaid powder.

Needless to say, I couldn’t find that voice. So I decided to do it myself! I want this site to be an authority when it comes to people looking for advice on achieving their fitness goals. Whether they are looking for which workout supplements to try or want to know if this fitness gear will fall apart after they start using it. We believe in giving honest reviews that you can count on. We hope to be an authority in the niche, trusted to only give our seal of approval to the best of the best.

So with that being said, I wanted to give a little insight on the reviews will look like on this site. They will be broken up into categories so that if one particular aspect is more important to you in fitness products, you can focus more on that particular category. For example, whenever I take any kind of fitness drink, whether it be pre workout energy drinks, post workout recovery drinks, meal replacement drinks, or even protein shakes, one of the biggest factors for me is taste. I just don’t want to have to choke down something just to get the benefit from it. So when it comes to consumable fitness products, one of the categories that gets reviewed is taste. Here is a breakdown of the categories that will be reviewed for each product.


We have already touched on this in the earlier section so I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but let’s face it, taste is most definitely a factor. There are so many products out there that have the potential to benefit our fitness results, but they taste so horrendous that it’s more of a workout to choke them down than any possible benefit we might get from them. I know that personally, for me, these particular products have to really excel in some of the other categories in order for me to take them on any sort of a consistent basis. I may choke them down here and there, but unless it knocks everything else out of the park, I will most likely go with the product I enjoy.

I also factor texture into this category. A lot of times that’s the part that you can’t get over, not so much taste. Like certain protein bars on the market have a texture like you’re chewing construction paper. You gnaw on it like a cow chewing cud, and it just feels impossible to force down. So this section will cover both taste and texture (if applicable).


What makes each product beneficial? What separates it from other products in the category? A lot of the options we have will swear by their formula. Every supplement thinks they are the best. This category will discuss what the ingredients are in each product and what they are there for (supposedly). We will also cover nutritional information in this category. Things like calories, protein, carbs, sugars, sodium, fiber, etc. All the things you will be interested in. After all, we want to know what this is supposed to do for us. And whether it will logically do what it is supposed to.

Ease of use 

This category is more for equipment. Is the piece of equipment lunky, junky, and hard to manage, or is it easy to assemble, use, and benefit from. There are many pieces of equipment that look great on paper, but in the flesh, when you’re in the middle of a workout you want to know that you can trust that you will get your desired goals out of that piece of equipment. You also benefit from me having two left thumbs. So if there are things that need to be assembled, let’s just go ahead and say that if I am able to do it, you can rest assured that you will have no problem.


Does it work? Did the product deliver on it’s promise? The fitness industry is littered with empty promise products and pipe dreams. How many things have you tried in the past that end up being tossed due to ineffectiveness? There’s nothing worse. It’s not even the money most times. It’s the crushing feeling you get when you realize that your fitness goals are NOT on the track you thought they were going to be on anymore because that product can’t deliver on its promises. So this category is all about whether or not the product does what it’s supposed to do.

Overall Review 

Factoring all of the other categories, is the product worth it or not?

So that’s pretty much how each review will go. We will cover each category individually and then give an overall assessment at the end. We hope you enjoy our style of review, and trust that we are just regular people like you who are looking for the best products to help us reach our ever-elusive fitness goals. And please feel free to connect with us on social media and reach out to us if there are certain products you’d like us to review!