Childhood Fitness Level Linked To Kids Being Smarter


childhood fitnessEducating our children at a young age on the importance of fitness and nutrition can go a long way in the battle against the obesity epidemic that we are currently facing. The sad fact of the matter is that for the first time in history it is predicted that the average lifespan of today’s youth is going to be lower than the previous generation. This is largely due to the fact that health issues related to obesity is driving the numbers down at a staggering rate. 

Not only is it important to educate our youth about the importance of fitness and nutrition, a recent study has shown that an increased level of fitness in kids may even give them an increase in smarts! Check this article out from WebMD…


TUESDAY, Aug. 19, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Exercise and brainpower in children may not seem closely related, but a small new study hints that fitness may supercharge kids’ minds.

The finding doesn’t prove that fitness actually makes children smarter, but it provides support for the idea, the researchers said.

“Our work suggests that aerobically fit and physically fit children have improved brain health and superior cognitive [thinking] skills than their less-fit peers,” said study author Laura Chaddock-Heyman, a postdoctoral researcher with the department of psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “Hopefully, these findings will reinforce the importance of aerobic fitness during development and lead to additional physical activity opportunities in and out of the school environment.”

 Credits: Fitness May Boost Kids’ Brainpower – WebMD

That’s pretty cool stuff!

So the next time your child wants to plop in front of the TV playing video games for ten hours straight, do them a favor and take them outside and play with them. 

Not only will you be doing something for your own health and fitness by getting of your tuchus and getting a little exercise, but you may also be boosting your child’s brain power at the same time! 

Food for thought…

That’s all for today! Talk to ya soon! 

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