I’m Getting Beastie!!!

Body Beast

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on how things were going with my Body Beast program.  I absolutely LOVE this program.  I was worried that I would be turned off by a weightlifting program, but I can’t get enough of this thing!  It is awesome!  I love every part of it.

Body Beast

The supplements have been amazing too.  Originally I was sketched out when they said that it was going to be flavorless.  They said it was so you could add it to anything and make it taste like that…but I just figured it was a nice way of saying that it tasted like crap!  Haha. It doesn’t!  I literally have one recipe tht I use over and over again that I made up

Body Beast Supplements

6 Ice cubes

2 cups of v* Fusion Light – Strawberry Banane Flavor

1/2 a banana

Blend that in the Ninja and I’m good to go!!! It’s awesome! Let me know if you guys have any questions.  I’ll give another update when I get into the final phase!


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