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What The Heck Is Body Beast?


Body BeastSo what is with this new workout from Beachbody called Body Beast?  Why in the world would anyone want to do a program like that?  Beachbody wants to help people lose weight and get fit right?  They don’t need a program with a bunch of dudes on ‘roids “picking things up and putting them down!”  They are going to lose all of their credibility that they have earned by adding a body building program to their catalog.  Come on now!

These are all things I thought the first time I saw that Beachbody was coming out with the Body Beast program.  I couldn’t believe it!  I thought that Beachbody had lost their minds.  But when I went to Summit, I got to do a little research first hand.  I got to see the program up close and see how they were going about it.  I got to see the trainer and hear what he had to say and see that he wasn’t just some meathead…you know…the stereotypical muscleman that we all picture in our heads.  He was really cool and he actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about.  But how can anyone get that big without being on the juice.  Well Sagi is known as being 100% all natural.  And believe me…he is freaking JACKED!


So I Caved & Bought Body Beast

So after seeing Body Beast get introduced and hearing Sagi and looking at the program, I had a decision to make.  I thought long and hard on whether I wanted to do a program like that.  I do not want to look like a bodybuilder, but let’s face it…what guy do you know doesn’t want people telling them that they look jacked up?  So I decided to give it a whirl.  I bought Body Beast at Summit and started it the day after we got back.  I am just about to finish the first phase of the program and I have to be honest….IT WORKS!  I thought that I looked a little bigger…especially in the shoulders (and yes…that means that I have been that guy who is flexing at himself in the mirror lately).  But after today’s workout…I realized how much stronger I really am getting.  I lost a lot of my strength after my accident and not being able to exercise for 7 months…so any little victory I can have is a major accomplishment in my eyes.  However, these are not little victories.  I went up in weight in every exercise!  And I was strong enough to power through!  It was amazing!  I hadn’t felt this strong since my third consecutive round of P90X…and this is only my 3rd week of Body Beast!

I love the results I am getting so far from Body Beast so much that I ordered the supplements the other day as well.  I can’t wait to add them to my daily routine and take my results to the next level!  There is a ton of info on each of them, but I will give you the Reader’s Digest version.  If you’d like more info on any of them…leave a comment and I will be sure to get back to you!


Body Beast Supplements

Body Beast Supplements

Beachbody Fuel Shot

Fuel Shot is a dextrose- and maltodextrin-based energy drink designed to maximize your pre-, during-, and postworkout performance while replenishing the glycogen and electrolytes lost during workouts. It’s free of added flavoring, colorants, or artificial sweeteners. This way, you can customize it to meet your needs, staying hydrated and energized without having to drink something that looks like it arrived in your sports bottle via a nuclear power plant cooling station. It’s also a simple addition to any meal or snack when you need additional carbohydrates. It’s designed to work by itself or with our other supplements. It can be used with Beachbody M.A.X. Creatine to transport that creatine to muscles at lightning speed. It also works great with Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake, our additive-free whey protein formulation. Like M.A.X. Creatine, Fuel Shot and Hardcore Base Shake are designed to help you build massive muscle—but that’s not their only benefit. They make a great addition to any serious athlete’s nutrition protocol.


Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake

Simply put, Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake is a whey protein formulation that maximizes muscle growth while reducing muscle breakdown. Each serving contains 18 grams of protein and is free of added flavoring, colorants, or artificial sweeteners. This way, you can customize it to meet your needs, stacking your calories and nutrients without a bunch of weird, conflicting flavors. Any bodybuilder who’s ever tried adding a scoop of chocolate protein powder to a glass of orange juice understands why this is important. The foods you can add to Hardcore Base Shake are almost limitless, from your favorite fruit to nut butter. Got something you like? Throw it in the blender and see what happens. Hardcore Base Shake is designed to work by itself or with Beachbody Fuel Shot, our additive-free energy and recovery drink. While both supplements are designed to help you build massive muscle, that’s not their only benefit. They make a great addition to any serious athlete’s nutrition protocol.


Beachbody MAX Creatine

Don’t get this safe, effective supplement confused with steroids. The two are entirely different. Beachbody M.A.X. Creatine is a safe, proven, and legal way to get seriously buff. Creatine naturally occurs in our bodies and can be found in meat, poultry, and seafood. However, you’d need to eat pounds and pounds of meat to get the same amount of creatine you’ll find in one serving of this supplement. Our pure creatine monohydrate contains no fillers, preservatives, wheat, corn, sucrose, starch, salt, yeast, or added flavor, making it perfect to use as part of your Body Beast training plan, or any other intense workout program you’re doing.


Beachbody Super Suma

Suma root, also known as Brazilian ginseng or para toda (which means “for all things”), has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region for generations as a general cure-all, as well as a tonic for helping with strength, energy, rejuvenation, and sexual prowess. In the 1970s, suma root became known as “the Russian secret,” as it was purportedly taken by Russian Olympic athletes to help with muscle-building and endurance without the side effects associated with anabolic androgenic steroids.


I will keep everyone updated with my progress on Body Beast and supplements.  I really recommend this for anyone looking to add a little bit of muscle and get that “jacked up” comment we discussed earlier!



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