Better Weight Loss Solution – Cardio or Weight Training?


running vs weight trainingFor years and years we have it ingrained into our brains that if we want to shed fat that we have to strap on those running shoes and hit the pavement (or treadmill). 

I have always thought that running was the answer when it came to weight loss and overall fitness….which really sucked for me because I DESPISE running. I am really trying to get into it because we bought a jogger for my daughter and she loves when I take her for a run. But it is still agonizingly painful for me to strap on my running shoes every day. 

I was kind of surprised (and actually somewhat relieved) when I did some research on this to find that I was completely off base when it comes to running being the number one answer. 

Yes, running can be very beneficial to you, and obviously has helped countless people in their weight loss success stories, but there are definitely more efficient ways to shed fat and lose weight than running…The fact is, once you are done running, you are pretty much done burning calories. 

Insanity Max Interval TrainingInterval training exercises, like the ones used in Insanity, and resistance training, like exercises seen in P90X, have you burning more calories in less time than running. And they continue to burn well after the workout is completed. This has a lot to do with the fluctuation in your heart rate that these exercises cause. Running keeps your heart rate pretty steady. Sure, it’s increased, but it is a constant increase. An exercise like Insanity gets your heart rate racing, then brings it all the way back down, then has it racing again, then brings it down. And this happens throughout the workout so your heart is getting an incredible workout while your legs and body feel like they are going to fall off (I love Insanity!). That’s probably why Shaun T is constantly telling you to check your heart rate during the workouts. 

I found a lot of articles backing me up on this, but this one was a pretty solid read. Check this out…

What Burns More Calories: Cardio, Intervals, or Weight Training …
Feb 1, 2010 I’m going to guess that you have assumptions on what might be best for … cardio, which means you only burn calories when running; not much …


Check out what WebMD had to say about Insanity…

Insanity: Bottom Line

Insanity…the name says it all. It is a maximum intensity workout program that will push you to your physical limits and will test your mental toughness. It’s great for cardiovascular fitness and achieving a lean body, but it is intended for people who are already at least fairly fit. The workouts are very challenging and require a great amount of dedication and willpower to complete.

People who are extremely unfit and out of shape, or just beginning an exercise program should begin with a less intense workout plan, then gradually build up the ability to begin and finish Insanity. If you are in decent shape, enjoy working out in a pool of your own sweat, and have the ability to push beyond your current physical limits, then Insanity may be the workout program for you. You will definitely see great results if you are self-motivated enough to complete the entire program.

Fitness Review: Beach Body Insanity DVD Workout Program – WebMD
Just what are you getting yourself into if you sign up for a workout program that calls itself “Insanity“? Here’s what I think you should know, based on my review of  …

So in conclusion, I still say that the best solution for any weight loss goal is to get ahold of your diet. I worked out like a mad man, playing racquetball 4-5 times a week, doing Insanity or P90X every day and I still didn’t start REALLY losing weight until I got my diet in check. There is no substitute for proper nutrition. Kinda why I make sure to take my Shakeology every day. But if you are looking for fast results to help shed the fat quicker, then incorporating interval training will get you there much faster. And combining interval training with resistance training will get you the absolute best results possible.

Well that’s it for now. Talk to ya next time!

Craig Tuttle

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