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If you’re looking for the best kettlebell weight it really depends on many factors. There are so many different exercises you can do with a kettlebell that it really depends on the movement you plan on doing, your level of experience, and the level of intensity that you’re looking for. While a lot of the moves in a kettlebell workout can be done with the same weight, it is ideal to have a plethora of choices so you don’t injure yourself trying to push the limits on what you should be lifting.

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If you’re looking for the best kettlebells for beginners, then here is a chart that will give you a good guide:

Physical Shape Sex Kettlebell Weight Range
Trainwreck Male 18-26 lbs
Female 9-15 lbs
Average Shape Male 26-36 lbs
Female 15-18 lbs
An Adonis Male 36-44 lbs
Female 18-26 lbs


If you’re just starting out and you’re a trainwreck (or severely out of shape), there’s nothing wrong with that. We all started somewhere. But the point is to not push things. You don’t want to get off the couch and start throwing around a 2 pood kettlebell (that’s 72 lbs) like you are Magnus Ver Magnusson (side note: no idea why I remembered this dude but he was an Icelandic powerlifter who won the World’s Strongest Man like 4 years in a row when I was a kid. Absolute beast.). You have to take it easy with anything you do, but especially with kettlebells. It is pretty easy to hurt yourself, and one of the most prone places to hurt is the back, simply because of the functional fitness aspect of kettlebell workouts and the fact that they engage the core way more than you’re used to if you’re not used to doing anything but sitting up to crack open another beer or grab a chip from the bag. Not only do you risk injury, but if you struggle, and you have a hard time getting through the workout, how likely will you be to stick with it? It is proven that people that struggle early on in a workout regimen are less likely to stick it out. So avoid the discouragement and start with a more reasonable weight.

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Noe if you’re in decent shape, you may be able to up the weight a little bit right out of the gate. So for instance, say you used to work out a lot, but life got in the way and the dad bod is starting to kick in. Or you are just looking to add kettlebell workouts to your routine and don’t want to risk injury, but you do have experience lifting weights. It’s perfectly fine to start a little bit heavier. But again, let’s not get silly. You’re not going to impress anyone when you throw your back out and are out of commission because you were too dumb to take it easy.

But if you are the second coming of Zeus, and you look as though your body has been chiseled out of stone, and my mention of Magnus Ver Magnusson made you roll your eyes because he can’t hold a candle to you..then, Hercules, go ahead and start with a heavier weight. If you are an experienced weight lifter I have to assume that you know proper technique, even if this is your first time with a kettlebell. You have to understand how the body moves and the importance of engaging your core. So, Adonis, go ahead and go with a pood or more. You show em!

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Look, choosing the best kettlebell weight is a very important consideration. You have to make sure that you are setting yourself up for success. You don’t want to set yourself up for discouragement or injury. This can be one of the best forms of exercise you do for yourself, but choosing the right kettlebell weight out of the gate can make it or break it for you. Literally.


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