Beachbody Ultimate Reset Program Day 3


Ultimate Reset Day 3 Thoughts

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Program
Beachbody Ultimate Reset Program

Hey guys….as you know I have committed to doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program.  I started on Wednesday May 9….exactly 3 months after I had double fusion neck surgery.  I needed to do something.  The 7 months of not being able to do anything had really started to take a toll on me.  I gained too much weight while being laid up.  I started making poor nutrition decisions because I was laid up and couldn’t exercise.  I was really in a funk.  I decided to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program because I needed something to jump start me back on the right path.  I was very nervous going into the reset because I am a very picky eater….and I mainly like meat and potatoes.  I was very nervous but so far I have been pleasantly surprised. Anyway….these are my results and thoughts so far after only 3 days….





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