Beachbody Challenge…Guaranteed Results!!!


Take The Challenge…Get Results!!!

I was running some numbers last night for grins and giggles to see what it would cost on a daily basis to join one of my challenge groups.
First, I’m assuming P90X, Insanity, or TurboFire (the highest priced programs).  The challenge group includes your workout, Shakeology, and Team Beachbody Club Membership (assuming you Don’t cancel after 30 days free) and I’m including costs for ALL 90 DAYS.As a retail customer it costs $5.44 / Day
As a coach it will costs $4.77 / DayWhere else can you get a FULL program, the Healthiest Meal of the Day, one-on-one support, online community, and meal planner for that price?I’m know I spent that a day on just coffee’s, smoothies, 5 Hr Energy’s, and the drive-thru, or quik-mart.You want results?  This is it!I have a challenge starting the 1st Monday of every Month!  When will you join me?  When do you want to WOW yourself?  Don’t put it off anymore…Get in touch with me NOW!!!


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