Beachbody Business Requirements


Beachbody Business Requirements – Why I Don’t Work With Everyone

I have had a lot of people talk to me lately about the Beachbody business and ask me how they could take part in it.  I do not bring just anyone into my business.  I have certain standards that must be met in order for someone to work with me.  After all…this is my business and I have learned to treat it like onw…so what does it take for someone to be qualified to become a Beachbody Coach and work with me in the Beachbody business?  Let’s compare this to a corporation.  If you were the CEO of a huge company….how would you run your business?  Would you accept anyone off the street to be a part of your company, or would you have requirements, interview people, take time to make a decision, and then bring them on board? Of course you would do everything you could to make sure that each and every person was fully capable and serious and wanted to be a part of moving your company forward.  You wouldn’t accept anything less.  And that’s exactly the way I look at it.


Beachbody Business - CommitmentIf you are going to be a part of the Beachbody business on my team, then I want to make sure you are completely serious.  I do not want to work with anyone who is going to go after it half-assed without passion and determination.  I know that the primary reason that you are looking at the Beachbody opportunity in the first place is because you want to make money.  And that is good…because you can definitely do that, and I want to help you do that.  But I want to make sure I have people that are serious and willing to do what it takes in order to get there.  This is not a get rich quick scheme or some scratch and sniff lottery ticket.  This is a business and it need to be treated as such.  I want to help you reach your goals because in all honestly…if I help you reach your goals, then I will be reaching mine simultaneously.  I’m not going to pull punches and lie to you and tell you that it’s all about you and that I want to help you because I’m such a nice guy.  I do want you to succeed.  There is no doubt about that.  When you succeed…I succeed.  There’s no getting around it.  There’s no sugar coating it and dressing it up nice and pretty.  That’s why I want people who are serious on my team.  I don’t have time to coddle people and I don’t want people who need that attention.  It’s a waste of my time.  If you’re not committed to achieving success for yourself…I’m not going to try to talk you into it.  That’s just pointless.  So the first requirement I have is that you are committed to your success.


Beachbody Business - PreparationI also want you to be prepared if you are going to be a part of my team in the Beachbody business.  Our team has the absolute BEST training and support in the entire company.  There is no doubt about that.  We have a TON of leaders and people who have any kind of answer you could want.  But if you are not willing to go through our training, do the necessary steps to prepare yourself for success…I will not work with you.  Let’s use the CEO of a company again as an example.  Let’s say that a new employee decided to blow off their new employee training, then they show up for their first day and ask a ridiculous question that is obviously covered in the training that they blew off….how does that make you feel at this point?  Pretty pissed off, huh?  Believe me…I know your frustration.  It ties in with being committed.  If you are going to take this seriously…then set yourself up for success.  We have systems in place that will walk you through the basics.  Once you get through that, then we can dig into the other stuff.  But you have to crawl before you walk.

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Another major requirement of mine is that you get started with a Beachbody Challenge Pack.  I do this for many reasons.  You are probably sitting there thinking that I do it just to get money.  And yes I do…but not the money you’re thinking.  I could give a crap about the commission I am going to earn off of your Challenge Pack…but by you setting yourself up with the Challenge Pack and giving yourself the experience, that will create money for both of us in the future.  I love it when people want to get into the Beachbody business and just pay the minimum.  Not get any product.  Not try to practice what they are going to promote.  You have to be a product of the product.  If you are not doing an exercise program, then how in the world can you recommend someone else do one?  If you have never tried Shakeology before, how in the world can you tell someone how great it is?  Sure you could tell them that and lie.  But if that is even a thought in your head I would like to invite you to look elsewhere to join someone else in the Beachbody business because I don’t work with people who have no integrity.  Think of it this way…look at the potential that your Beachbody business has (6 figures is the tip of the iceberg).  And you think that investing in a Challenge Pack to give you the accountability to be able to speak to people with integrity is too much, then once again…I am not willing to work with you.


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Beachbody Business - Integrity



So those are my basic requirements for bringing someone into the Beachbody business with me.  I love working with people that meet these requirements because I know we will form a long lasting business relationship.  I have a lot I can teach but I am only willing to teach those who are committed, serious, and have integrity.  So if you think you qualify…I invite you to join my team now and we can get started making you money and achieving your goals TODAY!

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