Asylum 2


Asylum 2


Are You Ready To Step Back Into The ASYLUM??


Shaun TShaun T has come up with some of my personal favorite workouts.  They are ridiculously intense (the way I like it!!!) and they WORK! Insanity was my first taste of Shaun T and his style of workouts and I was instantly hooked.  I couldn’t get enough.  When I heard he was stepping it up and doing a 30 day program called THE ASYLUM…I was stoked. THE ASYLUM was unlike any workout I have ever done!  It is honestly the hardest (and most rewarding) workout I have ever done.  I heard rumors that he was going to take it up yet another level with THE ASYLUM Volume 2.

I’m Happy to announce that the rumors are TRUE!!  THE ASYLUM Volume 2 is here!!! Check out the preview video here!

Shaun T is back and digging deeper than ever before with the cutting-edge pro athlete training of INSANITY: The ASYLUM, Volume 2. The ASYLUM Volume 1 taught you the fundamentals of sports performance.  THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Elite Training Series gives you the next 30 days of advanced training techniques used by pro athletes designed to get you leaner, faster, & stronger than ever.


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More on Asylum Volume 2

In THE ASYLUM Volume 1, Shaun T trained you inside the Athletic Matrix to amp up your agility, speed, and power. Now Shaun takes your skills to the next level with his INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2 workouts—the next 30 days of pro athlete training designed to get your body leaner, faster, and stronger than ever. So you not only defeat the competition. You CRUSH IT!

Asylum Volume 2Shaun T takes you far beyond your competitive limits by cranking up the intensity of the Athletic Matrix—his breakthrough pro-athlete training model that uses dynamic multi-directional movements to activate multiple muscle groups at the same time.

How is this so different from other programs? Sports-performance moves work your muscles at angles and velocities you can’t simulate with static exercises. The Athletic Matrix’s system of max muscle recruitment can get you the same results in 30 days that it can take years to achieve in the gym. But that’s just the beginning.

Shaun says, “How you perform after your body is shaking, begging, and screaming for mercy is what separates the winners from the losers.” That’s why each of his 7 new ASYLUM workouts gets progressively more difficult—testing you, motivating you, skyrocketing your game to its highest level when you need it most . . . Crunch time.


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Asylum 2

Enter THE ASYLUM Volume 2 now to get the mindset, skills, and physique to dominate any challenge that comes your way. This is the training of the future.







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